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How can I delete my own post or motorcycle?

Find the post or motorcycle you want to delete.

Press ⠇next to it and select “delete”.

Can I add a video?

In a post or in a motorcycle blog, you can add only a link to YouTube video. Using the "+" button in a publication, select "Video" and paste the link to the video in the window that appears. After publication, your video will be played in the application without switching to YouTube.

How to add a motorcycle?

To create a profile for your motorcycle, use the pencil in the bottom panel and select "Bike" from the list. After filling in the required information fields, your motorcycle will be added to your garage.

After adding a bike, you will have additional opportunities (read more about it in the “Garage” section).

Note: You can add both past and current motorcycles.

What is the difference between a moto blog and a regular profile post?

At first glance, it might seem that the difference is not great, but publishing in a motorcycle blog has significant advantages, since you create a consistent feed about your motorcycle’s activity, and you can choose categories for publications, which in turn makes it convenient to search for the same publications from others motorcyclists.
A larger number of publications allows you to get more subscribers to your motorcycle and significantly distinguishes it from other motorcycles.

How can I create a moto blog?

To create a post in the motorcycle blog of your motorcycle, you can use the same pencil by selecting “Moto Blog”, or if you enter your motorcycle profile, click “+” in the motorcycle blog tab.

What publications can get to the “Main” section?

The publications from the “Main” section are moderated, and not every post can be published, we give priority to original publications with interesting text or photos. A publication consisting of several words or only one photo can hardly get into this section.

The more users like your post, the higher the chance that it will be on the main page.

Who sees my posts?

Your publications are visible to your subscribers and other members who visited your page, as well as some of the selected publications can get into the feed in the “Main” section.

How can I create a post?

To create a publication in your profile, use the pencil in the bottom panel.

Note: you can put a photo between the text, thereby creating more interesting publications.