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Herbert Munro - New Zealand motorcycle racer

  • Mar 10 15:10 PM GTM
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Herbert Munro was born in 1899 in Edendale, a small village of New Zealand. We like the motorcycle. He had spent much of his life working on his father's farm in Invercargill, a small town of New Zealand.
In 1920 he had saved enough to buy a brand new Indian Scout with a top speed of 89 km/h.
After a marriage that ended in divorce, is forced to live in an old shed.
Once there, he took the decision to improve the performance of your beloved Indian, 1920, to become the fastest in the world.
Given its scarcity of means, was making changes by hand, little by little, and taking advantage of tin cans for the fairing, spoons, hinges doors, corks cork to reduce the weight of the plug of gasoline, an old electric blanket to remove the insulation or molten lead from old batteries to be able to make the counterweights. But that was nothing... the cast of the new pistons were holes hand made in the sand of the beach of their village. Little by little, piece by piece.
Finished his work, neither short nor lazy, you plant in the united States in 1962,
with a motorcycle of the 1920's and 63 years of age, in the Mecca of speed tests: the Great Salt Lake Utah. In Boneville.
In this place is where the brands, engineers, Universities, and private equipment of the engine tend to try and beat the world records world of speed.
The image had to be shocking for the organisers. A man of 63 years sick at heart, with a bike, 1920, without a parachute for braking (in fact I had no disc brakes), with a bike without any type of approval, with pneumatic source, spoked wheels, weld craft, dress with a simple shirt and pants of your wedding (lucky) tucked into socks (aerodynamics) that I wanted to register to beat the world record of speed.
As you would imagine, the organizers of speed week Salt Flats I was told that was not possible:
Had been registered months ago, the bike did not meet a single safety standard
(I had covered the tires with shoe Polish to the cracks in the tires were not detected by the curators), and she was not wearing the mandatory equipment.
Burt had not come down for almost 40 years preparing his bike and unless I was going to do to a few small inconveniences like those. If he had left his New Zealand homeland to come to the united States was not going to go vacuum.
Thanks to the history of blunders absolute who were with him went won the sympathy and admiration of the testers and engineers of the place. The pressure of the contacts he was making and the conviction of the commissioners that harsh penalties would not even get to ride the bike, they changed the rules and let him do a test on qualifying.
When Burt put on his helmet and goggles from the 20's, he got his pants from lucky inside of the socks and enfiló the almost infinite black line drawn in the huge desert of salt, no one of those present was expected what was going to happen in the moments following.
Burt and his Indian not only exceeded 89 miles per hour which was the bike of the series, Burt took his Indian, or Indian took Burt up to 288 kilometers per hour breaking the world record of speed on a bike..
Burt continued going back 9 years to Salt Flats to continue beating world speed records.
In 1967, with his old Indian Scout raised the world record until the 295,44 km/h. World speed record that still has not been able to be overcome with a bike with 47 years under their belts or a pilot with 68 years.
To Burt it came time to officially 331 km/h in some of their tests during the year 1967 but were not present the judges of the world speed record.
Burt died on 6th January 1978 at 78 years of age.
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