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06 r6 big bore kit and aftermarket headers

  • Dec 27 2017 19:50 PM GTM
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Hello, this is my first thread posted. I absolutely love my r6, ive' put 15,000 miles on her in 6 months!My question is this: In the future I plan on doing some major engine work and modifications and get into the 130 140 hp. I know this will cost $$$$$$$$$, i am prepared. BUT what is the best/cheaper route to do this? I am learning the mechanics of my bike myself and do absolutely everything I can before taking her to the shop. She already has a full akrapovic system, pc3 and I just did a valve adjustment and went back to OEM CCT. So, what is the route you would take if you wanted to get your r6 AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. and no I do not want an r1 at this time.
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  • Ernesto Alfonso Dec 27 22:52 GTM
    you'd have to do a heck of alot to get the bike to 130hp.
    That includes $28/gallon race fuel and the management menagerie that goes with it.
    Where a stock liter bike makes about 73+ ft lbs of torque and at least 160 hp to the rear tire.
    • Miguel M. Dec 27 22:55 GTM Replied to Ernesto Alfonso
      Okay so what about the big bore kit and get an aftermarket head? How much would this change the power?
      • Ernesto Alfonso Dec 27 22:55 GTM Replied to Miguel M.
        ok read my post slow. If you had $7500 to throw at the motor... you might be able to get 130 at the tire on MR12. Maybe a few hp more. Thats about all youre going to get. Unless you can ride the balls off it at the daytona 200 it wont make as much power as a stock liter bike made in the last 10 years.
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