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Ladies on two wheels

  • Oct 18 2018 14:22 PM GTM
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- Drivers always give way to you.
- You feel yourself free.
- You draw attention.
- It’s a nice way to get across the city.
- You become more flexible.
- You enjoy riding.
- Constant new meetings at the light.
- You don’t think about your clothes and hair in the mornings.
- You ride alone, because there are no volunteers to become your passengers.
- Men are always ready to help you to pick up or fix your bike.
- They offer you help, when you turn the indicators on.
- Everyone lets you go ahead to stare at your butt.
- You notice men, focused on you.
- You can easily ride off-road, and others have even no idea, what does it mean.
- You can buy XS and S-sized helmets at a deep discount.
- You forget about all problems while riding.
- You definitely spend less money on ordinary clothes.
- You can find good friends.
- You look really cool on your bike.
- Men’s gear is cooler that for women.
- You are tired of constant requests to ride somebody.
- A lot of guys stare at your bike, but not at you.
- You have to look for the gear in the kid’s section.
- Men think you’re a monkey with a bomb.
- You can easily crash or become disabled.
- You are tired of the annoying men, who want to get to know you.
- Drivers give way to you, only because you are a girl.
- Instead of riding, you have to return home and cook dinner.
- Parents don’t stop to complain that you are a girl and you still have to give birth.
- After 5 minutes of riding, there is a feeling, that you didn’t wash your hair for a week.
- The gear has a special feature: the top is huge, and the bottom is small (or on the contrary).
- Instead of knee pads, you have to wear elbow pads.
- You always have problems with your makeup after riding in a helmet with balaclava.
- The same issue with your hair.
- Your hands are too short to hold the handlebar as it should be.
- You get used to greasy hair and the smell of gasoline.
- Guys think riding is not a woman’s business.
- You wear dresses and heels rarely.
- The relationship with not a moto guy doesn’t work out.
- The guys can feel embarrassed about having no motorcycle.
- You have to cut your long nails.
- A man can be jealous that you love your bike.
PS Moto ladies, please, post your comments here.
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