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5 Questions Lady Riders Get asked…

  • Feb 16 12:29 PM GTM
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Although the motorcycle industry is predominantly male oriented, many women (myself included) have tapped into the addiction. Because of the scarcity of lady riders, the foot to mouth comments are endless!!!! Here are a few favorite comments I have gotten while on the road:
“That’s a sweet bike is that a Ducati?”

The reason why I mention this first…. Is because I ride a Yamaha FZ6R, quite different from any Ducati. In this commenters defense, my bike is naked and looks very different from its stock look. Due to the fact that I have gotten this comment multiple times however, I have concluded that most guys who don’t ride and want to spark a conversation with a girl use Ducatis as leverage (but why???). It makes me laugh every time! Does this happen to anyone else or just me?? Even if I could afford a Ducati, they aren’t my style….I enjoy riding not spending my time polishing my ride XD (that was a Ducati burn, all in good fun though they are exceptional machines).
Isn’t this the sexiest Ducati you have ever seen??

“Can I ride it?”

Why why why??? It’s not like I ride a scooter….my bike has get up and sounds amazing etc etc but its not a supersport either, it’s not going to go over 130mph. It’s not something that any one who rides would be dying to test out (it is what it is, the average rider prefers to go fast on straights not drop it on turns where my bike shines). Testing out a motorcycle comes with responsibility so why would anyone who rides take a risk on MY bike? The answer….They wouldn’t -_-. I get asked this ALL THE TIME. A few times I answered “sure, but can you ride?” and was not surprised at all when the answer was “no hahaha”. Of course they can’t, anyone who does wouldn’t ask to ride it…. I ask this because I want to MAKE them say it. XD #TROLL.

“Can you take me for a ride?”

This usually comes with a wink or a sassy tone. When I was a newer rider I would answer “no” and it would upset me a little… BUT as a veteran I always say YES (But why?). At least 90% (I came up with this poll from my own experience don’t quote me on that number) do NOT feel comfortable or “manly” on the back of a womans bike. So basically I troll them too XD They don’t expect me to say yes and quickly curl back into themselves. (They don’t mean it)

“Damn thats so hot”

Okay so this is not a question HOWEVER, how unoriginal man. I mean….really… if you’re a guy actually trying to “spit game” wouldn’t you WANT to say something memorable? Also what do I respond to that? “Thanks?” I hate saying that in response because I feel stuck up and I don’t like coming off like I think I’m hot. What the hell do I say to that? (No seriously people help me because I don’t know)

“Is that your bike”

REALLY? I just pulled up on it and took the keys out of the ignition and put it in my pocket. This has happened A LOT and I still don’t understand…. It is a dumb question. If you are in shock….I don’t get why. Use context clues guys. Would you ask a guy who just got off his bike if it was his? No. My answer is always “no I stole it” because I’m a smartass and a #motorcycle #troll. So come at me XD
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