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Dissapointment when race in Horice (CZ) result in crash(video)

  • Aug 24 2018 20:04 PM GTM
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After the rising during the whole season, we wanted to keep the good spirit up in Horice, in Czech Republic.(They call this track the European Isle of Man)We took some good points in Belgium, and we we're already sneaking up to the 6th place in the championship..

Too sad there was no possibility to make some extra kilometers in an extra class, specially on a quite difficult track like this.The fist warm up and qualification, Ilja didn't come further then a 15th place. ( He missed last year by injuries from a crash in Finland, and most of the other guys did an extra race here in May, so the knowledge of the track was a minimum) Therefore he wanted to push some more in the afternoon..
Sad enough it resulted in a crash and a transport with an ambulance to the hospital..Ilja had a fibula broken and a lot of blood in his knee. Later, when we were back home, we've learned that the knee seems oké for now and we will appear on the start in Frohburg(Germany) end of September.

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