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Another electronic chain oiler prototype

  • Apr 13 2018 09:38 AM GTM
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Chain oiler is actually a primitive time relay on the NE555 chip. The microcircuit is chosen exclusively for aesthetic reasons, on the wave of enthusiasm by the old school.

In any case, I don't see the point to make a flexibly customizable device, one interval in my opinion is enough, I put it out and forgot. I strongly doubt that switchable lubrication modes, monitoring through a smartphone, a futuristic control panel on the steering wheel and so on will somehow have a noticeable effect on the service life of the circuit. I do not think that someone has ever made a sane study on this subject. The very expediency of automatic lubrication for me is still in doubt, I will experiment. We still have to investigate the effect of oil on the silicone tube inside the pump. There is an opinion that not all silicones like oil.
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