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Masala Trip.Traveling on motorcycles in India and Nepal. Royal Enfield - the best motorcycle for traveling in India

  • Mar 11 12:09 PM GTM
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The main goal of our coming to India was a motor-travel. But what motor-travel without motorcycles? Our choice, like last time, fell on Royal Enfield, model Bullet 350ss. This is the best choice for traveling in India, for a number of reasons:
1 Motorcycle is not expensive, because is made in India.
2 Low cost of spare parts.
3 Low cost of repair.
4 Easy to maintain.
5 Powerful enough.
6 High permeability.
7 Low fuel consumption.
8 Carburettor, which will reconfigure the composition of the combustible mixture in the mountains, where due to the high location of the roads, there is not enough oxygen for people from the plains, and for machinery working on internal combustion engines.
The first Royal Enfield, born in England, in 1901. During the First World War, the production of the Enfields was reorganized for the needs of the British Army, the Allies and the Russian Empire, and as a result, the motorcycle got military glory and gain recognition throughout Europe. In 1947, the Bullet model (Bullet) was born. It was equipped with a 19 hp, 4-stroke engine, with a vertical arrangement of a single cylinder.
In the mid-1950s, the Government of India decided to equip the police and army to patrol the Pakistani border, with reliable and durable motorcycles. Their choice was the Royal Enfield Bullet. In 1955, 800 motorcycles were delivered to India. Assessing the demand for these tales, it was decided to organize the building of the Enfields in the suburb of Madras (present Chennai). At first, the British supplied parts to the Indian factory for the assembly of motorcycles, but already in 1957 the Indians had mastered the full production cycle. In the 70s the British company Royal Enfild went bankrupt and stopped the production of motorcycles. Now Enfields are mass produced only in India and although the quality of assembly and metal alloys differ from English quality not for the better, Royal Enfield is rightfully considered a symbol of India, in certain circles no less popular than the Taj Mahal.

My first Bullet
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  • Jacqueline Mar 11 15:18 GTM
    I will be glad to read your blog!
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