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Kawasaki KZ 440 - Skeeter
1 month ago

The Beginning

This little devil is what I started on. My dad bought her on a whim since I always loved riding with him, even when he had to bungee me to his tour trunk cause I feel asleep on the back 😂. Same birth year as me and had a great center of gravity. My dad's friends nicknamed her Skeeter because I sounded like a mosquito keeping up with them at 55mph, lol.
I had never rode my own but he had me jump on and ride down our alley with him the day he brought him home to me. I did ok going straight, but did not make the turn onto the street at the end and wound up jumping the curb into the gas station parking lot in front of a car going the other way! 🤣
I laugh now but it scared the shit out of me and from that day I was determined to figure it out. Lost that bike after 2 years, but still before I graduated high school, to an accident that I thankfully walked away from. Only had minor road rash. Life caught up with me (military, kids etc.) and I didn't ride for 13 years until I got my little Sporty a year ago.

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