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Harley-Davidson Sportster 48
1 month ago

My life matters too

I want a normal life again.
I want to be able to do things in my life independently.
You made the decision for me, to change the rest of my life.
Was that text more important than my life?
Was that phone call not worth sharing your attention with the road?
Was whatever that was going on in your car worth risking me coming home to my family?
When you are behind the wheel of a vehicle, nothing should take your focus from the road.
I was less than a few minutes from home.
You turned into me at 15 mph, I was going 55 mph (the speed limit).
Everyone claims bikers are wreckless, trouble makers.
Yet, I was following the speed limit and stayed in my lane.
You failed to check in front of you.
When we collided, I slid 74 feet.
I wore all of my gear and still lost part of my leg.
I laid there on the road, screaming in pain, begging the firefighter on my side to make it stop.
I watched my husband's face try to hide the horror he was looking at.
Would I see my kids again?
You still had the audacity to attempt to place me at fault.
Then you try to make a plea bargain.
You say you're a father of two children.
That you're a husband.
You drove distracted with your child in your car.
What about my life?
I am a mother of two and a wife.
Why should you be relieved from charges?
I may have survived, but you left a shell of what I once was.
You're the lucky one.
You felt nothing but minor bumps.
My children are lucky to still have their mother.
My fight did not end that night.
I am still fighting for my life.
I am not a spiteful person but I hope this haunts you in the way that you will always look twice.
Share the road.
Bikers just want to make it home too.
Share my story and look twice.

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