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Suzuki GSXR 600 - Frenzy
2d ago

Before you get busy...

So some of you are probably reading this (and maybe my previous posts) wondering why I'm posting at all... and certainly why on earth they're sooooooooo long??! I'm sorry, this is the first time I've dared put anything out online so I'm not sure of the etiquette and I think in rambling paths; trying to type quick enough to keep up while battling my phone's mental spellchecker...

Like a lot of people with medical conditions, I find myself shielding and unable to go out in public much so my decision to strip my only ride (and only real source of freedom) suddenly became a pivotal one. Unfortunately it was already in bits when lockdown hit, so the mission to get it back on the road became my only focus outside of work. Frankly, now the project is done and the weather is crap, I have very little else to do after work.

I figure this journey might hold some key learning for those less seasoned riders and less able engineers who want to change their rides but are perhaps apprehensive due to their lack of skills/experience, which very much described me at the start of this project.

Certainly I knew that my project was not going to involve changing the engine - that is way beyond my abilities and was not necessary. I am fortunate to have access to several people and a garage (bikeshop) that can do anything I can't handle but, for sanity and success of the project, it was important to keep it realistic and I wanted to do as much of it as I could myself - specifically because I know they can all do this stuff and I wanted to prove myself.

The goal here was simply to make the bike upright, which in itself is not that difficult. Change the bars with risers and a couple of other minor changes and it was done... but as I started looking at it it seemed a great opportunity to change other aspects of the front of the bike as I'd have to take it apart anyway.

So with a that explained, and now you've probably made up your mind whether this may be worth following or not, I'll begin....

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  • James 2d ago
    It's always nice to read that what is done from the heart, the bike looks great, so I'm happy to read you
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