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Pirelli’s New Diablo Supercorsa V4 Range Feels at Home on Both Racetracks and Public Roads
Pirelli’s New Diablo Supercorsa V4 Range Feels at Home on Both Racetracks and Public Roads
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Since 2021, Pirelli’s Diablo product range has been transitioning into its fourth generation, with the Rosso IV tires being the first to get updated. The Diablo Rosso IV Corsa followed suit in 2022, and it is now time for the performance-oriented Supercorsa rubber to also make the shift. Not long ago, the Italian brand shed light on the technical details of its upcoming Supercorsa V4 offerings, so let’s see what these bad boys are all about.


First things first, Pirelli will be releasing the V4s in two different flavors – the road-going SP for spirited street riding and occasional track use, and the SC variation designed solely with racetrack action in mind. On top of this, the latter can be had as either a soft, medium, or hard compound, which the company refers to as SC1, SC2, and SC3, respectively.

In terms of construction and material, all three SC variants are akin to the Diablo Superbike slicks used in WSBK, featuring wider structural cords for enhanced rigidity and shock absorption compared to their forerunners. If you’re familiar with the third-gen Supercorsas and their tread pattern, then you may have noticed that something else has also changed on the V4s.


Namely, there’s a small interruption in the grooves meant to further strengthen rigidity and prevent tire deformation. The pattern is said to follow the direction of lateral forces experienced while riding, thus providing& “more even and consistent performance, along with reduced warm-up times.” That being said, let us focus more specifically on the street-oriented SP version offered by Pirelli.

The most notable change brought about by these new Diablo Supercorsa SPs is the introduction of a dual-compound structure for the front tire. Previously, this had only been available at the rear, and what it means is that the same material from the softer SC3s can now be found on the tire shoulders fore and aft. The stickier rubber maximizes grip as the rider leans, while a versatile full-silica compound forms the tire’s base and central sections.


Slight anatomical differences exist from one tire size to another, all with the aim of further refining performance and helping you achieve faster lap times. Speaking of sizes, V4s of any type will measure 120/70 up front, but rear-end dimensions range from 180/60 to 200/60 on the SC versions and 180/55 to 200/60 for the SP.

Naturally, a 17-inch diameter is the only one available on these things. Pirelli hasn’t revealed any pricing information for the improved Diablo Supercorsa range at this time, nor did the press release mention when exactly it will hit the shelves. Either way, it’ll be quite interesting to see how the new compounds stack up against their predecessors once released, don’t you think?


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