Custom Honda Grom Looks So Extreme, It'll Make You Look Double-Take
Custom Honda Grom Looks So Extreme, It'll Make You Look Double-Take
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The Honda Grom’s spec sheet is barely impressive, with a 125cc heart and 10-odd horsepower. Yet, ask anyone who’s ridden one, and they’ll tell you it is one of the most fun motorcycles for the streets. Owing to the fandom, the Grom has undergone regular updates, and its newest iteration is all about customization. So encouraging the custom Grom scene, Honda USA recently tasked California’s Steady Garage with unlocking the full potential of the Grom. And the mini-moto specialists have aced the job by delivering an extremely spruced-up Grom which will make you look more than once.


The custom Grom looks nothing like the stock motorcycle, and this is a testament to how talented Steady Garage is. A lot of the credit goes to the overhauled design and you’ll find innumerable trick components here. To name a few, the Grom wears chunkier, carbon fiber fenders at both ends, alongside spruced-up tank panels with carved-out air vents. Also, while you’re eyeing these, don’t forget to note the triangular side panels that have 13 unique pieces on each side.

Diving deeper, Steady Garage has modified the subframe to house a custom seat pan (raised at the end), while a handcrafted aluminum swingarm replaces the stock unit. In turn, the swingarm paves the way for a modular chrome wheel joined to a custom monoshock. Meanwhile, at the opposite end, the upside-down forks are now lower, adjustable, and wear clip-on handlebars in place of the OEM unit. There’s also a custom wheel wrapped in Shinko knobby rubber, just like the rear end.


What about performance, you ask? Well, Steady Garage has done wonders here too. The Grom’s 124cc, single-cylinder engine benefits from a revamped clutch (with stiffer springs), besides a custom air filter and free-flow exhaust that boost performance. The exhaust, in particular, is a work of art, as it’s a one-into-two unit with two svelte Yoshimura end cans popping out under the seat. However, this extra performance is countered by stronger calipers and petal rotors.

Finally, the build is brought together by a plethora of nitty-gritty parts such as custom levers, footrests, engine covers, skid plate, and LED lights. You’ll also appreciate the gray livery, which is contrasted by the two-tone upholstery and brown hand grips. With all this, it’s safe to say the custom mini-moto lives up to Steady Garage’s initial vision for an apocalyptic, rugged Grom.


There’s no update on whether this Honda Grom is for sale. However, most parts you see here are available à la carte on Steady Garage’s website from as low as $9 for the custom drain plugs. And in case you already have something in mind for your Grom, Steady Garage will be happy to do a full-blown build and bring your imagination to life. So what’re you waiting for? Go check out the shop!


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