Custom Harley-Davidson Breakout Proudly Shows 3D Artwork on Fuel Tank and Rear Fender
Custom Harley-Davidson Breakout Proudly Shows 3D Artwork on Fuel Tank and Rear Fender
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Every single piece of motorcycle custom work has something special about it. Most of the time we’re only talking about some design elements, as few specialized garages go to significant lengths to modify a bike’s engine. In the case of the build we’re looking at now, that special something comes in the form of the sculpted fuel tank and rear fender.


They call this bike 3D Black (or 3D Artwork), and it was constructed starting from a Harley-Davidson Breakout (an older variant, not the new one shown by the Milwaukee company in January) by a Swiss crew going by the name Bundnerbike. As one of the shop's many creations, it stands out the most through the sheet metal work performed on the two body parts.


Described as a "work of art in spatial perfection,"& the fuel tank is not smooth like we’re used to, but wears a bulging piece of metal shaped like some sort of shield, pointing backward toward the seat. It’s not something we’ve seen before, and it works from a visual standpoint just as well as some of the complicated airbrush work we’re used to seeing on other builds.


The rear fender, equipped with LED lights, follows the same matching design, and goes over a wheel larger than stock, but with undisclosed exact dimensions.

Several other elements made in-house by the garage went on the 3D Black, including the air filter slapped over the engine, the number plate holder now moved to one side, and a slight modification of the chassis meant to support the lowered seat, now located 665 mm off the ground when not occupied by the rider.


The engine on the ride is the one the Breakout originally had on, namely the Milwaukee-Eight 114. It’s still rated at the stock 95 horsepower and 155 Nm of torque, but it probably sounds a bit different than on standard Breakouts, as the exhaling part of its job is taken care of by a Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust system.

Look all you want at this thing and you’ll not see a single shred of a proper color on the motorcycle. When all the changes were done with, black was sprayed all over, including on the tank and fender, in the process making the 3D parts of the two elements blend inconspicuously into the overall build.


Bundnerbike was never keen on revealing how much its builds end up costing, as they like to say “every customer is individual and the ideas should be implemented accordingly.” The 3D Black is no exception, so we have no way of knowing how much it’s worth. For reference though, keep in mind a brand new, 2023 Breakout, now wearing a 117ci engine in its frame, sells for $20,999, and this custom is probably not cheaper than that.

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