How to choose your electric fat tire bike
How to choose your electric fat tire bike
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There's no doubt that electric bicycles are the fastest-growing segment of the electric vehicle industry. They are almost everywhere and chances are that you've seen one around you as well. There are different types of electric bikes to cater to the different needs of riders.

Among these bike options, the fat tire bike for adults is leading the way due to its enhanced stability and superior adaptability than conventional electric bikes. With all of the advantages of cycling plus the additional advantage of fat tires, they offer riders an exciting way to ride. Commuting, mountain biking and roaming are all possible on the best electric fat tire bike. Therefore, it is essential to pick the most suitable option.

How to choose your electric fat tire bike

Since fat tire electric bikes provide unique tire advantages, they have become one of the most popular models on the market. Whether you want to ride a fat tire electric bike in the sand, snow, or mountains, or just enjoy a smooth ride, these electric bikes can handle it all.

These days, fat tire e-bikes come in many styles and brands. With fat tires and excellent durability, Addmotor offers some of the best fat-tire electric bike sales.

Herotan M-65X Electric Fat Bike - Addmotor Cruiser Bike


The Herotan Fat Tire E-bike is for cycling lovers who like to explore nature. The unique, strong frame is designed to prepare for rugged trails and avoid twisting and breaking. The 4-inch wide front and rear tires ensure a comfortable ride, not to mention the dual suspension system that greatly reduces the bumps in the ride. Herotan is Addmotor's latest fat tire e-bike model in 2023, directly equipped with EB 2.0 electric system, including UL-certified battery pack (960Wh), high-efficiency 750W motor, multi-functional front and rear lights, electric horn, etc. Herotan is designed to ensure the most comfortable and safe ride. For different needs, Addmotor has even introduced the Soletan M-66X model, a fat-tire electric bike with a footrest. Soletan is more suitable for those who value leisure riding.


Things to consider for the best electric fat tire bike

If you go shopping, your main concern is to pick out the perfect item that is equally suited to your needs. To pick the right thing, you must have proper background knowledge of how to make your choice. The same is applicable to fat-tire electric bikes. The following are a few things that you must take care of.

#1 Range

Range is the most crucial factor in electric bikes. It is the range of your e-bike that will determine how long you will be able to travel on your bike without the need for a recharge. Therefore, it is recommended to stick with fat tire electric bikes with ranges of at least 60 miles instead of those with shorter ranges if you're planning on commuting.

#2 Battery

No matter what kind of electric bike you choose to ride, the battery is an essential part of your e-bike. Therefore, it is recommended to stick with bikes equipped with bigger batteries. Due to fat tires, you might take your bike to uneven roads as it will be easier to go over them but you will need a reliable battery to back your powerful fat tire electric bike. With a bigger battery capacity, your bike will travel further on a single charge.

#3 Power

In choosing the best fat tire electric bike for your daily routine, you must pay special attention to your motor. With a powerful motor, you will have enough power to maneuver on any type of surface. Therefore, fat-tire electric bikes with at least 750W motors are recommended. Having a lot of power makes riding your e-bike more comfortable, and the more power you have, the easier it is to ride.

#4 Suspension

There is a general lack of focus on the suspension of e-bikes among riders. The main reason is that most people are looking for average commuters in cities. Conversely, fat-tire electric bikes are quite the opposite.

Suspension plays an influential role when off-roading. By using the suspension system, the rider is able to experience better comfort and an overall more enjoyable riding experience. With proper suspension systems, you will have better smoothness in your rides and will continue to enjoy riding on any type of surface.

#5 Wheels

For your fat tire electric bike to perform well on different surfaces, you must have thick tires and large wheels. With thick tires, the bike has a better area of contact with the ground which increases stability and comfortability for the rider. Furthermore, the wheels on your bike should also be made of sturdy and long-lasting material as you might want to ride your bike over unstable terrains like muddy areas, mountains, and hillsides.


There's no doubt that fat tire electric bikes are a growing trend and for several good reasons. With fat tires, they are perfect for commuting, family trips, and exploring the mountains. Therefore, choosing the one that fits your needs perfectly is everyone's first priority. The fat tire electric bikes from Addmotor are of good quality and offer reasonable value for money.

Get started with the best fat e-bike for you! Buy Herotan or Soletan on addmotor.com

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