These Are The Motorcycle Models Honda Has Confirmed Will Return For 2023
These Are The Motorcycle Models Honda Has Confirmed Will Return For 2023
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Honda is the second-largest motorcycle brand in the American market, with 17.5% of market share, trailing behind Harley-Davidson. In its first product announcement for 2023, Honda has confirmed the return of eight motorcycles across five different segments, including sport, standard, adventure, dual sport, and cruiser, catering to a wider audience.

While most of the Honda models remained unchanged for 2023 after receiving upgrades in 2022, some models have received cosmetic updates and a slight price increase. In this article, we will take a closer look at the eight models that have returned for 2023, some of which may already be available at dealerships. These models are in addition to the 2023 line-up Honda confirmed in November 2022 when unveiling its Rebel CMX1100T bagger.


The Honda CB1000R, the biggest capacity naked motorcycle from Honda, returns unchanged for 2023, featuring the same inline-four engine, single-sided swingarm, and neo-classic design. While rumors suggest a major overhaul for the 2024 model, the CB1000R will be available in a Black Edition for $12,999 in 2023.


The CB650R, one of the most popular middleweights in the American market, received several updates in 2022, so it will remain unchanged in 2023. With a 649cc inline-four engine and Showa Separate Function Big Piston forks, the CB650R is available in Matte Gray Metallic for $9,399.


The CB500F, the naked version of the CBR500R, also remains unchanged for 2023, delivering a comfortable and exciting ride with a 471cc parallel-twin motor and front ABS brakes. The 2023 CB500F in Matte Gray Metallic is available for $6,799.


The CBR650R, which received a major upgrade in 2022, offers an inline-four engine and less aggressive seating posture, making it a versatile option for various types of riders. The 2023 CBR650R in Grand Prix Red is available for $9,899.


The CBR500R, the second faired motorcycle from Honda, received updates in 2022 and offers a parallel-twin mill engine, aggressive stance, and two paint schemes for 2023 - Grand Prix Red and Sword Silver Metallic. The 2023 CBR500R starts at $7,299.


The only adventure bike on this list is the CB500X, which shares the 471cc parallel-twin engine with other Honda 500 series models. The 2023 CB500X comes in Pearl Organic Green and is available for $7,299.


The XR650L, the only dual-sport motorcycle on this list, offers a 644cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine and comfortable ride thanks to its 43mm Showa forks with 11.6 inches of travel. The 2023 Honda XR650L comes in white and is available for $6,999.


Finally, the 2023 Honda Fury, the only chopper motorcycle from a mainstream manufacturer, comes with a hard-tail look and a 1,312cc V-twin engine. The 2023 model is identical to the 2022 model in every way.

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