New Magnetic Brake Technology from Kawasaki Aims to Reduce Low-Side Crash Risk
New Magnetic Brake Technology from Kawasaki Aims to Reduce Low-Side Crash Risk
29 Apr Technologies
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Kawasaki has announced that it is developing a new magnetic brake system to increase safety for riders. The technology is designed to reduce the risk of low-side crashes, which occur when a bike loses traction on the front wheel and slides out from under the rider. The new system works by applying a load to the bike’s chain during deceleration, even after the front brake has been released. This keeps the suspension compressed, reducing the rebound action of the forks that can cause a low-side.


The magnetic clutch is electronically actuated and applies a load to the chain wheel of the bike, providing additional force on the suspension. This reduces the pressure on the front tire and increases the amount of grip at the front end of the machine. The new technology is currently being tested on sports bikes but Kawasaki is also considering using it on its road-going sports touring models.


While this new technology is a significant step forward in motorcycle safety, riders should still prioritize safe riding practices and continue to seek out training and education to improve their skills on the road. With the increasing popularity of radar-assisted cruise control on top-spec models, manufacturers are always looking for new ways to control a bike’s speed without relying solely on the braking system, which can be unsettling for both the rider and the bike.


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