AMA and NHTSA Remind Motorists of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month
AMA and NHTSA Remind Motorists of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month
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May is recognized as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are urging all motorists to prioritize motorcyclist safety. The campaign aims to raise awareness and promote safety measures for motorcyclists and motorists as more riders take to the roads during the summer season.

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The AMA President and CEO, Rob Dingman, emphasized the importance of remaining attentive and alert to the presence of motorcycles on streets and highways, particularly as NHTSA data shows an increase in motorcyclist fatalities over the past couple of years. Distracted driving and over-reliance on driver-assistance technology are contributing to rising fatality statistics for all road users. The AMA urges drivers to avoid distractions and exercise extra vigilance while driving, and not to rely solely on driver-assistance technology.

The AMA is pleased to see lane-filtering legislation gaining traction in some parts of the country as a commonsense safety measure to protect motorcyclists. Lane filtering reduces the risk of rear-end collisions by allowing motorcyclists to filter through congested traffic at safe speeds.

The AMA and its network of clubs, state motorcycle-rights organizations, the motorcycle industry, and government entities have supported and promoted Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month since its inception in the early 1980s. Motorists and riders can visit AmericanMotorcyclist.com and the AMA’s social media channels throughout May for more information and tips on motorcycle safety and awareness.

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