BMW Develops Revolutionary Lightweight Frame for Upcoming Three-Cylinder Motorcycle
BMW Develops Revolutionary Lightweight Frame for Upcoming Three-Cylinder Motorcycle
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BMW has patented a new design for a lightweight frame that attaches directly to the engine using massive bolts. The design, which replaces the traditional aluminum or steel structure, results in a more compact and lighter motorcycle chassis. The new design provides a direct connection to the steering head, allowing the swingarm to pivot on the gearbox, with the engine serving as the stressed member.


The design aims to minimize the width of the bike, which has been a common issue for bikes with transverse-mounted inline engines. By using this new chassis design for a three-cylinder engine, BMW can reduce the bike's width, making it more aerodynamic and less complex than bikes with V-twin or V-4 engines.


BMW has previously explored the use of three-cylinder engines, notably in its MotoGP project in the early 2000s. The project yielded a prototype that was later dropped due to technical issues. However, this new patent application, which specifically mentions a three-cylinder engine, provides the first real indication that BMW is developing a motorcycle with this type of engine.

Overall, this revolutionary lightweight frame design provides an opportunity for BMW to create a narrower, more efficient, and aerodynamic motorcycle.

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