Honda Africa Twin to Get a Boost with Supercharger and Direct Gasoline Injection
Honda Africa Twin to Get a Boost with Supercharger and Direct Gasoline Injection
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Honda is reportedly working on a supercharged version of its Africa Twin adventure bike, according to a recent article by Euro publication Motorrad. The article claims to have seen patent drawings from Honda, which show the development of a new design that includes a supercharger and direct gasoline injection.

supercharged Africa Twin

The program is said to have started in 2019, and if all goes well, the new technology could be ready for release in the near future. While it's uncertain when the supercharged Africa Twin will be unveiled, the report suggests that the design could be showcased at EICMA in November 2023.

So, what's the point of a supercharger? It's not just about more power, but also cleaner emissions. With governments cracking down on tailpipe emissions, manufacturers are looking for ways to improve their engines' output while keeping emissions under control. Direct gasoline injection is also an attractive option for achieving this goal, as it has been successfully used by car manufacturers for years.

The Africa Twin's parallel-twin engine is used in several other Honda models, including the NT1100 tourer and the Rebel 1100, which means that the supercharged design could be applied to a broad range of applications. While some may see the addition of a supercharger as an unnecessary complication, others will no doubt welcome the extra power and performance it brings.

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