Yamaha Introduces Breakthrough Motorcycle Stabilization Technology for Safer Riding
Yamaha Introduces Breakthrough Motorcycle Stabilization Technology for Safer Riding
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Yamaha has recently revealed a groundbreaking advancement in motorcycle technology aimed at reducing the occurrence of bike accidents. Known as the Advanced Motorcycle Stabilization Assist System (AMSAS), this innovative system can be seamlessly integrated into existing motorcycle designs without requiring modifications to the frame or major components.

Yamaha AMSAS 01

The Yamaha engineering team successfully implemented AMSAS on a YZF-R25 model, powered by a 250cc DOHC inline-twin engine with an offset cylinder design. The distinguishing feature of this prototype lies in its 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), which collaborates with drive and steering actuators.

Project Leader Akitoshi Suzuki elaborated on the system's functionality, stating, "During acceleration and deceleration, the drive actuator attached to the front wheel ensures stability. Additionally, up to approximately 3 mph, the steering actuator integrated into the handlebars takes over." Consequently, this motorcycle possesses the ability to maneuver at low speeds without toppling over, regardless of the rider's skill level.

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The front wheel motor plays a critical role in maintaining the bike's upright position even when stationary. Yamaha describes the system as utilizing the principles of an inverted pendulum, akin to balancing an upside-down broom on the palm of your hand. Supplementary actuators on the handlebars deliver precise steering inputs, akin to maintaining balance on a bicycle while stationary. When these elements synchronize, the result is the remarkable AMSAS technology.

The development of AMSAS draws inspiration from Yamaha's previous concepts, including the autonomous motorcycle-riding robot Motobot in 2015 and the AI-equipped, self-balancing prototype motorcycle MOTOROiD in 2017. "The research and development for AMSAS originated from the technologies and expertise acquired during the creation of these two models," revealed Suzuki.

Yamaha AMSAS 03

Yamaha has set an ambitious objective of eliminating fatal motorcycle accidents by 2050. To achieve this, the company plans to further enhance their technologies to predict obstacles and assist riders in executing defensive or evasive maneuvers.

Although AMSAS is still in the developmental stage, Suzuki acknowledges that significant progress has been made. The next phase involves miniaturizing the components in preparation for production. Yamaha also envisions extending the application of AMSAS beyond motorcycles to other types of vehicles, including bicycles.

By prioritizing rider safety and continuously advancing their technological innovations, Yamaha is spearheading the quest for a safer future on the roads.

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