KTM's Ambitious Plans for MV Agusta: Revamping Business Strategy and Ownership
KTM's Ambitious Plans for MV Agusta: Revamping Business Strategy and Ownership
19 May Others
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KTM, the renowned motorcycle manufacturer, is setting its sights on becoming the majority shareholder of MV Agusta, signaling a potential shift in its business strategy. In a recent interview with Hubert Trunkenpolz, a Member of the Executive Board of Pierer Mobility Group (PMG), some intriguing details emerged.

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Trunkenpolz confirmed that PMG, which already holds the largest stake in the Italian motorcycle manufacturer, is contemplating further investment to solidify its position. Amid concerns about the future of MV Agusta following PMG's acquisition of a 25.1 percent stake last year, Trunkenpolz reassured that the company is committed to preserving MV Agusta's operations in Schiranna, Italy.

Addressing fears of layoffs and relocation, Trunkenpolz firmly stated that such outcomes are off the table. Instead, PMG aims to expand the existing MV Agusta production line, putting an end to the previous year's meager output of only 1,000 motorcycles. The goal is to ramp up production to a staggering 12,000 units annually, focusing on crafting high-end and premium motorcycles.

To drive meaningful change at MV Agusta, PMG is determined to acquire at least a 50.1 percent ownership stake. Trunkenpolz revealed that the company intends to increase its current share in the future, signaling a long-term commitment to revitalizing the brand and propelling it to new heights.

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