Witness the Marvel: Transparent Two-Stroke Engine in Action!
Witness the Marvel: Transparent Two-Stroke Engine in Action!
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Explaining the inner workings of an engine can be a daunting task, but what if you could actually show someone the mesmerizing mechanics while the engine roars to life? Chlyo Racing has accomplished just that with their remarkable creation—a fully functional two-stroke engine featuring a transparent barrel, combustion chamber, and head. In an awe-inspiring video, the team takes you through the engine's assembly and installation into what appears to be a Simson MTX motorcycle.


The footage even showcases the meticulous drilling and machining of ports in the acrylic barrel. However, the real magic begins around the 9-minute mark when they fuel up the bike and start it. With a few kicks, the petite two-stroke engine bursts into action, revealing the mesmerizing movement of the piston within the transparent bore. Each combustion event unfolds before your eyes, as the engine seamlessly propels the motorcycle forward. As the throttle opens up and the revs climb, the entire top of the combustion chamber radiates a captivating yellow-orange glow.

Undoubtedly, this transparent two-stroke engine is a captivating spectacle. While it may serve as more of a curiosity than a practical solution in the real world due to the potential wear on the acrylic bore and loss of compression over time, it doesn't diminish the marvel of this video. It allows you to explore the inner workings of an engine like never before, providing a unique glimpse into the world of combustion and power generation.

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