Revolutionizing Motorcycle Fuel: Introducing the Beer-Powered Rocket Bike
Revolutionizing Motorcycle Fuel: Introducing the Beer-Powered Rocket Bike
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In the quest for greener transportation options, motorcycle manufacturers have been exploring alternative fuels. Kawasaki's interest in hydrogen is just one example. However, we have an even more exciting solution to share with you—one that involves your favorite beverage: beer.


Minnesota's Michaelson Garage, founded by Ky Michaelson, has introduced an innovative motorcycle that runs on beer. Ky is renowned for his remarkable creations, including a rocket-powered scooter, a turbine-powered mini bike, and even a rocket-equipped toilet. These impressive inventions were crafted right in his garage with the assistance of his son, Buddy. Ky's achievements extend beyond his garage as he holds over 70 records, both national and international, on the Bonneville Salt Flats. He also collaborated with deaf stuntwoman Kitty O'Neil to secure the land speed record for the world's fastest woman on four wheels.

Ky's reputation led to numerous stuntman roles alongside Dar Robinson in Hollywood movies like Stick, Hooper, and Smokey and the Bandit. After Dar's passing, the "Rocketman" returned to his original passion and continues to push the boundaries of automotive innovation. The latest creation from Michaelson Garage is the beer-powered motorcycle.

The development of this motorcycle has been in progress for years and finally came to life last year. At its core lies a 14-gallon keg of beer equipped with a heating coil. As the beer reaches the keg, it undergoes conversion into superheated steam, reaching temperatures exceeding 300 degrees. This high-pressure steam is then expelled through two nozzles, propelling the motorcycle forward. Similar to any rocket-powered motorcycle, this remarkable creation can reach a staggering top speed of approximately 150 mph, although Ky has yet to test it in an open setting.


In an interview with Fox9, Ky expressed his rationale behind the invention, stating, "The price of gas is getting up there. I don't drink. I'm not a drinker, so I can't think of anything better than to use it for fuel." Meanwhile, his son, Buddy, added, "It could be any kind of liquid. It could be Red Bull. It could be Caribou Coffee. It could be anything. But beer. Why not?" As intriguing as it sounds, this extraordinary motorcycle is not intended for public use. Instead, it will eventually find its place in the family home museum. Additionally, it's important to note that the motorcycle produces a thunderous roar, enough to startle Buddy himself. So, while the big players venture into hydrogen-powered innovations, we can savor the beer for its intended purpose—keeping us refreshed and entertained.

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