Motorcyclist Sets New Record for Most Countries Visited in 24 Hours
Motorcyclist Sets New Record for Most Countries Visited in 24 Hours
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Thierry Sarasyn, a renowned motorcycle journalist, has accomplished an extraordinary feat by breaking the world record for visiting the highest number of countries within a single 24-hour period while riding a motorcycle.

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Beginning his journey in southern Poland, Thierry strategically planned his route to cover a significant number of countries in the limited timeframe. Navigating through various twists and turns, he made his way to northern Italy before heading further north and concluding his trip in the Netherlands. Throughout this remarkable adventure, Thierry covered an impressive distance of 1,367 miles, achieving his goal in just 22 hours.

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What makes this achievement even more impressive is that Thierry adhered strictly to speed limits and local traffic laws throughout the entire journey. Riding through multiple countries, each with its own distinct traffic regulations, posed a considerable challenge. Yet, Thierry demonstrated exceptional skill and determination, successfully completing the ride while ensuring compliance with all the legal requirements. It was as if he had an imaginary IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) instructor scrutinizing his every move.

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For this remarkable endeavor, Thierry selected the reliable and comfortable Kawasaki Versys 1000 as his motorcycle of choice. The bike was meticulously prepared by Bridgestone, equipping it with new tires, while Motul supplied the necessary oil. Additionally, Thierry carried extra fuel, ensuring he wouldn't be caught off guard during the intense journey. To fuel himself, RideApart reports that Thierry relied on a combination of Immodium, isotonic drinks, and astronaut food, helping him sustain his energy levels throughout the demanding 22-hour marathon.

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Thierry Sarasyn's world-record-breaking achievement showcases his unwavering dedication, skill, and love for motorcycle exploration. It serves as an inspiration to motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide, highlighting the incredible possibilities that can be achieved on two wheels.

Credit: Thierry Sarasyn

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