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New Electric Trials Bike Introduces Idle Function for Enhanced Stability
New Electric Trials Bike Introduces Idle Function for Enhanced Stability
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Electric motorcycles have been undergoing a remarkable transformation, evolving from practical city commuters to high-performance superbikes. Now, Electric Motion (EM) has introduced their latest innovation, the Epure Race trials bike, equipped with an idle function that allows it to maintain a steady tickover, much like a traditional combustion-engined machine.


The Epure Race has proven its capabilities in the trials-focused arena, with two bikes participating in the demanding Scottish Six Days Trial (SSDT) last year. Out of nearly 300 competitors, they achieved impressive results, finishing 19th and 72nd respectively.

Originally introduced in 2020, the Epure Race made history as the first electric bike to feature a hydraulic clutch, a crucial component for trials riders who rely on maintaining stability before launching themselves up challenging rock faces. EM has now taken another leap forward by adding a Tickover (TKO) feature, enabling the motor to continuously rev at 900rpm while the bike remains stationary.


Matthew Alpe, owner and Managing Director of Inch Perfect Trials and the UK importer of EM bikes, explained the evolution of the Epure Race: "Until 2021, the bike had a hydraulic clutch, but it was essentially a 'rev and go' experience, similar to riding a scooter. In 2022, they introduced the tickover function, but it was only available in two of the three power modes. So, if you didn't use the clutch, it would be like putting a petrol bike into gear and setting off without using a clutch. The bike would suddenly take off."

Alpe further elaborated: "Now, you pull the clutch in, press the map button, and the motor starts spinning at 900rpm, idling audibly. As soon as you release the clutch, the bike sets off exactly like a petrol bike would."


In the 2023 Epure model, the TKO system is available in all three power modes, creating a gyroscopic force through the continuous rotation of the motor, enhancing bike stability when stationary.

The Epure Race also incorporates an anti-reverse feature, which enables the rear wheel to lock under extreme riding conditions, providing an additional layer of safety.


Alpe highlighted the significance of the anti-reverse function: "With a combustion engine, if you were climbing a hill and didn't make it, the bike would likely stall, and the gears would hold you in place on the hill. However, with an electric motor, until 2023, if you didn't make it up the hill, you could potentially roll back down uncontrollably if you couldn't apply the brakes quickly enough. The anti-reverse feature creates substantial resistance in the motor, preventing the bike from rolling backward out of control. This allows riders to safely disengage the resistance bit by bit and navigate their way off the hill."

EM has set its sights on participating in the SSDT event once again in 2024, after skipping the 2023 edition. The Epure Race is available for purchase at a retail price of £9,499, offering riders an exceptional electric trials experience with advanced stability features.


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