Exploring Oregon's Backcountry: A Captivating Journey Unveiled in a Full-Length Documentary
Exploring Oregon's Backcountry: A Captivating Journey Unveiled in a Full-Length Documentary
03 Jun Interesting
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Are you yearning for a new adventure? Are you ready to embark on a thrilling exploration? Look no further, as a remarkable route awaits you. This hour-long documentary takes you on an immersive journey, capturing the essence of every experience.


Introducing the Oregon Backcountry Discovery Route (ORBDR), a breathtaking 750-mile off-pavement adventure tailored for adventure and dual-sport motorcycles. Spanning multiple days, this route guides riders through a captivating and diverse landscape, starting from the high deserts of the southeast and traversing northward through ancient pine forests and rugged mountains of the Cascade Range.

Along the way, riders encounter a variety of challenges, including treacherous lava rocks, silt, sand, and demanding mountain roads. However, the ORBDR also presents abundant rewards, showcasing the natural wonders of Oregon and offering unparalleled sightseeing and recreational opportunities. From the scenic sagebrush steppe and invigorating hot springs to intriguing caverns and majestic glaciated volcanoes, this route leads riders through remote territories that epitomize the unparalleled beauty of the state.

The Backcountry Discovery Routes (BDR) organization, renowned for creating off-highway routes for adventure motorcycle travel, proudly presents the ORBDR as one of its noteworthy contributions. Operating as a non-profit entity, BDR has been dedicated to providing the motorcycling community with a new route, complete with free GPS tracks, each year since 2010. These routes can be easily downloaded from their official website at www.ridebdr.com. In addition to route creation, BDR places significant emphasis on rider education, safety campaigns, and the promotion of responsible travel for motorcyclists venturing into the backcountry. This comprehensive approach ensures that riders are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate challenging terrains safely.

Powered by volunteers, BDR collaborates with agencies and land managers to preserve the accessibility of trails and remote roads for motorcycling enthusiasts. Through active engagement with these stakeholders, BDR contributes to the development of local communities, particularly those that may have faced economic challenges. The introduction of each new route generates sustainable economic relief by attracting tourism to these rural areas. As a result, local stakeholders become invested in preserving access to dual-sport and adventure motorcycles, thereby safeguarding the magnificent backcountry regions that make these routes truly exceptional.

Backcountry Discovery Routes play a pivotal role in creating these off-highway routes, with a focus on rider education, safety, and responsible travel. Through collaboration with agencies and land managers, BDR ensures the long-term accessibility of these routes, benefiting local communities and garnering support for the preservation of backcountry access. This collective effort ensures that future generations can continue to revel in the awe-inspiring wonders of Oregon's backcountry.

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