Brough Superior Unveils Exclusive Ultimate Series Motorcycles with Limited Production
Brough Superior Unveils Exclusive Ultimate Series Motorcycles with Limited Production
06 Jun Interesting
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Brough Superior, the renowned motorcycle brand, is set to create a mere 19 units of its highly anticipated Ultimate Series motorcycles. This comes as a significant milestone for the modern revival of the legendary British marque, which initially focused on reviving its historic models such as the SS100. However, in 2019, Brough Superior made a leap forward with the introduction of the cutting-edge AMB 001 superbike, developed in collaboration with Aston Martin. Building on the expertise gained from the AMB 001 and its track-only sibling, the AMB 001 PRO, Brough Superior is now launching a limited edition lineup of the Ultimate Series SS100 and Lawrence motorcycles.


The Ultimate Series SS100, part of Brough Superior's Classic Design range, boasts a water-cooled 997cc V-twin engine producing 102hp and 64ft-lbs of torque. What sets this version apart is its precision-machined aluminum block, created using the same advanced five-axis CNC rig employed in the production of the AMB 001's engine. This cutting-edge manufacturing process leaves the beautiful machining lines of the CNC rig exposed, reminiscent of ARCH motorcycles' approach. Additionally, the Ultimate Series SS100 features distinctive silver leaf accents and special "Ultimate" script decals, along with graphics indicating the production number of each limited edition unit.


Similarly, the Ultimate Series Lawrence, Brough Superior's flagship model from its Modern Design range, receives the same meticulous treatment. The motorcycle showcases exposed carbon fiber elements and shares the machined aluminum engine block with its SS100 counterpart. The Ultimate Series Lawrence also features the unique silver leaf accents, "Ultimate" script decals, and production number graphics, further enhancing its exclusivity and allure.


Enthusiasts can now place orders for the Brough Superior Ultimate Series SS100 and Ultimate Series Lawrence Motorcycles, with pricing available upon request. However, with a limited production run of only 19 units worldwide, securing one of these extraordinary motorcycles will undoubtedly be a privilege reserved for a fortunate few.


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