From Tragedy to Triumph: Couple's Unforgettable Motorcycle Journey with Their Dogs
From Tragedy to Triumph: Couple's Unforgettable Motorcycle Journey with Their Dogs
12 Jun Interesting
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Janell and Stu Clarke, an adventurous couple from Australia, embarked on an epic motorbike journey around the world with their beloved dog, Skyla. However, their dream trip took an unexpected turn when tragedy struck. The couple's love for travel had been ignited during their first date in 2004, and after years of longing to explore the world, they finally decided to set off in 2014.


One of the driving factors behind their decision was the high cost of flights from Australia, so they opted for a prolonged adventure. Determined not to leave Skyla behind, they meticulously planned her journey, obtaining the necessary permits for her to accompany them to every country they intended to visit. Despite Skyla's cancer diagnosis, they remained hopeful and committed to ensuring her comfort and well-being throughout the trip.


Their expedition began in Dallas, Texas, where they purchased their motorbikes and set off in March 2014, with Skyla snugly nestled in a specially designed dog carrier. As they crossed the border into Mexico, they received devastating news—the cancer had returned. Despite the grim prognosis, they pressed on, crossing several countries in Central America, witnessing Skyla's health deteriorate along the way.

Tragically, Skyla passed away in Venezuela in September 2014. Grief-stricken and contemplating ending their journey, the couple took a hiking trip in Venezuela to find solace and gain perspective. Afterward, they decided to continue their expedition, but with a renewed mindset. They vowed to take things slowly, prioritize their relationship, and eliminate any fixed timeline for their adventure.

During their travels through South America, they encountered two more furry companions. They adopted Weeti, a mixed breed, in Venezuela, and Shadow, a miniature pinscher, in Colombia. Both dogs joined them on their journey, enriching their experiences and offering comfort in the face of challenges.


The COVID-19 pandemic forced the couple to remain in Portugal for several months, delaying their progress. However, once restrictions eased, they resumed their journey, touring Europe cautiously to minimize the risks associated with the pandemic.

In Turkey, they encountered Azra, another stray dog, who became the newest addition to their growing pack. Adjusting to life with a puppy brought its own set of challenges, but the couple embraced the responsibility and continued their travels with their three loyal companions.


Now, after almost a decade on the road, Janell and Stu are preparing to conclude their journey. They plan to ship their bikes to the US, where they will go through the necessary processes to re-enter Australia in early 2024. However, the updated regulations require their dogs to spend 30 days in quarantine, rather than the previous 10 days.


Despite the challenges, the couple remains grateful for the incredible experiences and companionship their dogs have brought them. They look forward to exploring their own country, Australia, on motorbikes, accompanied by their faithful canines, before retiring both the bikes and the dogs.


Janell and Stu's extraordinary journey has been a testament to the power of love, resilience, and the unbreakable bond between humans and their four-legged friends. As they approach the end of their adventure, their hearts are filled with gratitude for the memories they've made and the lessons they've learned along the way.

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