Indian Fury: Krazy Horse's Custom Creation with a Stereophonics Twist
Indian Fury: Krazy Horse's Custom Creation with a Stereophonics Twist
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In the realm of custom motorcycles, Harley-Davidson reigns supreme, with its extensive network of independent garages producing modified bikes at a remarkable pace. However, Indian takes a more hands-on approach, actively collaborating with builders to bring their vision to life. Often commissioned for celebrities, these custom Indian bikes help promote the brand's identity. The latest addition to this lineup is the intriguingly named "Rage."


Rage is based on the Sport Chief model and has undergone extensive modifications by one of Indian's long-standing partners, Krazy Horse, located in the UK. This particular bike was commissioned for Richard Jones, a prominent member of the Welsh rock band, The Stereophonics.


At first glance, the bike may appear like any other custom Sport Chief, but a closer look reveals subtle nods to Jones' personal vision. It incorporates traditional craftsmanship techniques, such as hand sand-cast components like the side and derby covers, imbuing the bike with a distinct character cherished by The Stereophonics' bassist. Some design elements also pay homage to Indian's recent Forged series.


The standout feature of this build is the Ace of Spades design death card, prominently displayed on the right side of the engine. But that's not all – the bike boasts a unique belly pan inspired by drag motorcycles, seamlessly integrating with the LED headlight design.


Under the hood, the stock engine of the Sport Chief breathes through an aftermarket air filter and exhales through a custom 2-in-1 exhaust system crafted by OJZ Engineering. The exhaust bears a traditional megaphone-style design with visible welds. Completing the Indian Rage is a striking black, blue, and silver paint scheme, along with relocated turn indicators and new handlebar grips.


Indian has remained tight-lipped about the price tag attached to the one-of-a-kind Stereophonics-themed Rage. However, it's safe to say that this extraordinary custom creation carries a price that matches its exclusivity.



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