Yamaha Unveils Custom Yamaha XSR900 Collaboration at Bike Shed Moto Show
Yamaha Unveils Custom Yamaha XSR900 Collaboration at Bike Shed Moto Show
15 Jun Custom
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Yamaha's XSR900 retro motorbike took center stage at the recent Bike Shed Moto Show, serving as the foundation for several bespoke builds. During the event, Yamaha's European and US divisions showcased their own Yard Built special in partnership with the popular social media platform caféracersofinstagram (CROIG).


Accompanying the launch of the official optional accessories catalogue's new half-faired Yamaha XSR900 Racer kit and a remarkable Yamaha XSR900 transformation by Velocity Moto, resembling the iconic RD500LC, the highlight of the show was the collaborative machine featuring carbon fiber accents and a nostalgic nod to Yamaha's 1980s GP racing legacy.

David Chang, from CROIG, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, "This has been a passion project of mine, to build motorcycles with the motorcycle community, with talented people that I have always admired and followed, and create something that people really enjoy."


To create the special machine, David and his team started by sculpting foam molds around the existing Yamaha XSR900 chassis. They then meticulously designed the tank, fairing, and seat unit using 3D modeling, with a focus on maintaining compatibility with standard fitments. The bodywork, crafted from carbon fiber, features custom aluminum vents to ensure proper airflow to the intakes. The bike also boasts lightweight carbon rims from Rotobox and the latest high-performance Öhlins suspension.

While the custom build exhibits a striking GP-inspired side profile, its initial inspiration stemmed from Yamaha's 1985 FZR750 Suzuka 8 Hour racer. In a charitable gesture, CROIG plans to produce a second bike in the United States, which will be donated to raise funds for Waves for Water—an organization dedicated to providing clean water for all.


The Yamaha XSR900 custom collaboration showcased at the Bike Shed Moto Show exemplifies the brand's commitment to creativity, community involvement, and paying tribute to its rich racing heritage.

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