Iván Cervantes Sets New Guinness World Record on Triumph Tiger 1200 GT Explorer
Iván Cervantes Sets New Guinness World Record on Triumph Tiger 1200 GT Explorer
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Iván Cervantes, the 5-time Enduro World Champion and Triumph Global Ambassador, has officially claimed the Guinness World Records title for "The greatest distance on a motorcycle in 24 hours (individual)" in a remarkable achievement. Riding a Tiger 1200 GT Explorer at the Nardò Technical Center's High-Speed Ring in Italy, Iván covered a staggering distance of over 2493 miles within the 24-hour timeframe, surpassing the previous record by a substantial margin of more than 372 miles.

The Guinness World Records adjudicator witnessed and verified the record attempt on April 30, 2023, confirming the final distance as 2479.89 miles—an equivalent distance to traveling from New York City to Los Angeles within a single day!

Iván Cervantes is widely recognized as a legendary figure in the world of enduro racing. With five Enduro World Championships, 21 Spanish Enduro Championships, and five Spanish Motocross Championships under his belt, he has cemented his status as an exceptional rider. In July 2021, Iván joined Triumph as one of their Off-Road ambassadors, actively contributing to the development of upcoming motocross and enduro bikes.


Since joining the Triumph team, Iván has achieved remarkable success riding Triumph adventure motorcycles, claiming victories at events such as the Baja Aragón, 1000 Dunas Raid, and Basella Maxi-Trail Race.

"The Tiger 1200 GT Explorer was the perfect bike for this attempt. It's incredibly comfortable for long rides. The most challenging part was the weather, as it started to rain. However, this bike's substantial windscreen and excellent protection made a significant difference. This bike holds a special place in my heart. Riding for 24 hours straight is no easy feat, but in the end, I secured the record with this amazing bike!" said Cervantes.

To prepare for the record attempt, Iván underwent intensive physical training on his own Tiger 1200 Rally Pro. Additionally, in collaboration with Professor Andrew Bagshaw at the University of Birmingham, he carefully planned his nutrition and sleep strategy.

For the record-setting ride, Iván rode a randomly selected Tiger 1200 GT Explorer from the production line at Triumph's Hinckley factory in the UK. The motorcycle underwent no special modifications apart from completing the recommended running-in and first service schedules.

The Tiger 1200 family is renowned for its exceptional touring capability, offering unparalleled comfort and character for adventure bike enthusiasts. During the record attempt, features such as the 7.9-gallon fuel tank and outstanding wind protection proved invaluable in ensuring Iván could continue riding regardless of the challenges he faced.

Additional comforts, including heated grips and seats, provided respite during the cold early-morning hours and unexpected rain showers. The powerful T-Plane triple engine and advanced electronics delivered effortless power and control, while high-intensity LED lights ensured optimal visibility, even in the complete darkness of the remote testing facility at Nardò.

Remarkably, the Tiger 1200 required only one planned tire change halfway through the attempt, where the standard-fit Metzeler Tourance Next tires were refreshed to tackle the rain and approaching nightfall.


The existing Guinness World Records title for the greatest distance on a motorcycle in 24 hours was set at 2116.79 miles by American rider Carl Reese in February 2017, with an average speed of 88.3 mph. Iván surpassed this record with an astounding 5-hour margin still remaining in the 24-hour window, consistently riding at speeds over 124 mph at the Nardò Technical Center.

Not content with just breaking the record, Iván set his sights on a new benchmark—4000 kilometers (2485 miles). In the following 5 hours, he continued to ride, covering an additional 376 miles, surpassing the existing record and establishing a new extraordinary achievement. To put it into perspective, that additional 376 miles is equivalent to riding from New York City to Pittsburgh in just 5 hours.

The record attempt was witnessed by an official Guinness World Records adjudicator, who validated the final distance traveled in 24 hours as 2479.89 miles, with an average speed of 104.39 mph.

"Iván's achievement in claiming the Guinness World Records title on the Tiger 1200 is simply incredible! His determination and perseverance have not only surpassed the existing record but also added nearly 20% to the distance traveled in 24 hours. It's an outstanding effort, and everyone at Triumph is immensely proud to have supported him," said Triumph Motorcycles CEO, Nick Bloor.

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  • probably most of the records have no meaning other than "look what I can do " average speed of 166 km per hour, what's the point if it's impossible in real life, and all possible conditions have been created for the record and any difficulties have been eliminated
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