Restoring the Spirit: A Journey with a 1992 Honda Africa Twin
Restoring the Spirit: A Journey with a 1992 Honda Africa Twin
18 Jun Others
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Restoration videos have a therapeutic quality, captivating us as we witness the transformation of something old into something new. In this captivating YouTube video by ARiemann1, we're taken on a complete restoration journey of a 1992 Honda Africa Twin, from frame to fairings.


While we don't see a teardown process, the build process itself is captivating enough. Let the narrator's soothing voice and the rumble of the vintage V-twin transport you to a world that ignites the desire to conquer dirt roads after witnessing a classic rebuild.

The Africa Twin nameplate needs no introduction, but a few specifications won't hurt. The 1992 edition, known as the XRV 750 Africa Twin, is an adventure-class motorcycle powered by a V-twin engine. Although the new model emulates the feel of a V-shaped engine in a more compact parallel package, the authenticity of the engine design has helped the Africa Twin maintain its cult classic status. In 1992, the motor produced approximately 62 horsepower and 46.2 pound-feet of torque. It featured a five-speed manual transmission and had a wet weight of around 435 pounds.

Referred to as the "Warhorse" by ARiemann1, this bike endured a challenging journey filled with hardships. Fortunately, being a Honda, it withstood everything thrown at it and more. The restoration process was arduous but ultimately succeeded in returning the Africa Twin to its former glory.

After the restoration and some inspiring voiceovers, the final touch came in the form of a stitched-together windscreen, adding a unique touch that pays homage to the bike's original form.

With its shiny new appearance, the Warhorse is ready for more adventures alongside ARiemann1. No longer destined for garage sitting, expect to see this Africa Twin conquer new horizons in the future.

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