Epic Drag Race Showdown: Koenigsegg Agera RST vs. Tesla Model S Plaid vs. TTS SuperBusa
Epic Drag Race Showdown: Koenigsegg Agera RST vs. Tesla Model S Plaid vs. TTS SuperBusa
24 Jun Interesting
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Drag races are always a thrill to witness, but when you have a three-way battle, the excitement reaches a whole new level. In the realm of automotive YouTube channels, Carwow is renowned for its drag race content, and their latest video is nothing short of extraordinary. The lineup features the mighty Koenigsegg Agera RST, the groundbreaking Tesla Model S Plaid, and the formidable TTS Performance SuperBusa.


The stage was set at an airstrip, where all three vehicles and their crews gathered, ready to unleash power and leave their mark. Carwow presenter Mat Watson took the wheel of the awe-inspiring Koenigsegg Agera RST, a vehicle valued at an astonishing 3.5 million pounds sterling. Being one of only 25 ever produced, this hypercar demanded respect. While Mat eagerly anticipated the drive, his primary concern was ensuring a safe and flawless performance.

Yianni, a collaborator with Carwow, assumed control of the Tesla Model S Plaid, while Richard Albans, the mastermind behind TTS Performance, piloted his creation, the TTS Performance SuperBusa. This supercharged Suzuki Hayabusa, generating around 350 horsepower, has been showcased in TTS Performance's YouTube videos. Richard's extensive drag racing experience, spanning five decades, made him the ideal candidate to handle this exceptional machine.

This race presents a captivating mix of variables. Although the Koenigsegg Agera RST possesses immense power, it may not be operating at its full potential due to the fuel mixture that day. Estimations put it at around 1,250 horsepower, but its near one-to-one power ratio remains impressive. On the other hand, the Tesla Model S Plaid may be heavier, yet its three electric motors deliver instantaneous power, promising a lightning-quick start.

The TTS SuperBusa, with its power-to-weight advantage, also boasts a superior power ratio. However, like the Agera, the key lies not only in available power but also in how it is harnessed and applied by each vehicle's operator.

As expected, the type of start, whether standing or rolling, plays a crucial role. Following the format seen in previous Bike World vs. Carwow drag race videos, the competition begins with a best-out-of-three standing start race down the quarter mile. Next is a rolling start competition, followed by a braking challenge to assess the shortest stopping distance after reaching a specified speed.

How did the SuperBusa fare? It performed admirably in the standing start race, less impressively in the rolling start, and as anticipated in the braking test where bikes typically yield to high-performance cars, especially in the realm of Carwow videos.

For an in-depth look at the races and an interview with the Koenigsegg Agera RST owner, be sure to watch TTS Performance's behind-the-scenes video, which provides additional perspectives on the thrilling event.

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