From Wrecked to Stunning: Meanwhile in the Garage's Honda Transformation Goes Viral
From Wrecked to Stunning: Meanwhile in the Garage's Honda Transformation Goes Viral
27 Jun Custom
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It's not every day that a motorcycle-build video gains over a million views, but sometimes a project is so ambitious, transformative, and driven by passion that it captures the fascination of viewers. Meanwhile in the Garage (MWiG), known for creating unique and unconventional projects, has done it again with their latest video featuring the transformation of a wrecked Honda motorcycle.


MWiG, a skilled tradesman who excels in bringing wild ideas to life, has previously crafted impressive creations like a front-wheel-drive bicycle and a modified futuristic scooter. Now, their latest motorcycle project has crossed the seven-digit view mark, captivating audiences worldwide.

The video begins with an old Honda motorcycle in a severely damaged state, confirming the accuracy of the "wreck" descriptor. While the exact model name of the bike remains unclear, it appears to be a Honda VFR due to the presence of a V4 engine, and the lack of fairings and distinguishing features.

One of the standout modifications in the finished motorcycle is the significantly increased rake angle of the steering head, a departure from the standard VFR design. This alteration required frame modifications, followed by adjustments to improve the overall ergonomics of the bike. The process included incorporating parts from an old BMW motorcycle found in the garage, as the handlebars perfectly matched the envisioned aesthetic. With custom bodywork and attention to detail, the Honda gradually transformed into a futuristic machine.

Excitingly, MWiG hints at their next project, a Honda CBR, with the confident statement, "It's going to fly."

After the hard work and meticulous craftsmanship, the moment of truth arrives. The completed motorcycle stands as a remarkable, one-of-a-kind creation, showcasing the incredible progress achieved throughout the transformation. Restored to working condition and looking better than ever, the bike made its public debut at the MotoMinds Kortrijk motorcycle show, where enthusiasts had the opportunity to admire and appreciate MWiG's masterpiece.

The overwhelming response to MWiG's video demonstrates the allure of witnessing a wrecked motorcycle being reborn into something extraordinary. With their vision and skill, MWiG continues to inspire viewers with their innovative projects, proving that passion and dedication can truly transform a blank canvas into a stunning work of art.

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