Incredible Homemade Steam-Powered Bike Sets Speed Record at 180MPH
Incredible Homemade Steam-Powered Bike Sets Speed Record at 180MPH
28 Jun Custom
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In a remarkable display of engineering ingenuity, a steam-powered bike has shattered speed barriers, reaching an astounding 180 miles per hour. Designed and constructed by Graham and Diane Sykes, a husband and wife team, this groundbreaking creation, named "Force Of Nature," defies convention by utilizing vegetable oil and steam as its power source.


Unlike traditional steam trains that relied on high-pressure steam to drive pistons and turn wheels, the Force Of Nature bike harnesses the energy of superheated, pressurized water generated by reclaimed vegetable oil. The steam is then expelled through rear nozzles, propelling the bike forward amidst a captivating cloud of water vapor.

Graham, the 60-year-old grandfather of nine who piloted the record-breaking run, reminisces about his accomplishment, stating, "It's just a big bomb really, and it all started in my shed. I've combined the principles of chemistry with precision engineering to pursue my passion for speed on motorcycles. I wanted to achieve this in an environmentally sustainable way (I have nine grandkids, after all) and demonstrate that speed doesn't have to come at the expense of the planet; you just need to think outside the box."

During its record-setting performance in the United Kingdom, the steam-powered bike achieved an impressive exit speed of 163.8 mph after completing the standing 1/8 mile run in an astonishing 3.878 seconds. However, the Force Of Nature team remains confident that even greater speeds are within reach.


"While we reached approximately 180 mph after passing the 1/8 mile mark, this does not count towards the record," stated the team. "Therefore, we are now officially the fastest and quickest Steam Powered Motorcycle in the world. We believe there is still plenty of untapped power, and we are optimistic about achieving even faster speeds in the upcoming months."

Excitement builds as enthusiasts eagerly await the bike's next performance, scheduled for the Nitro Olympics at the Hockenheim Circuit in Germany next month. With the possibility of surpassing the 200 mph milestone, the homemade creation continues to captivate audiences and defy expectations.

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