Sleek and Stylish: Customized KTM 990 Super Duke Turns Heads
Sleek and Stylish: Customized KTM 990 Super Duke Turns Heads
05 Jul Custom
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The KTM Duke has always had a distinctive appearance that may not appeal to everyone. However, its performance capabilities are hard to dispute, especially in the case of the larger variants in KTM's renowned lineup. These bikes have become extremely popular within the custom bike community, serving as a perfect canvas for builders to unleash their wildest creativity.


In 2022, the talented team at Outsiders Motorcycles in the Netherlands took on a project involving a 2006 model-year 990 Super Duke. The bike was in rough shape, with cracked bodywork, a damaged subframe, and worn suspension components. With the powerful 120-horsepower machine disassembled, Outsiders set out to enhance its seat height and overall stance.


This was a necessary modification since their client, Julian, stands at an impressive height of over two meters (around 6' 7"). To accommodate his requirements, a custom chromoly subframe was meticulously TIG-welded at the rear, and the original fuel tank was replaced with a boxy aluminum counterpart built from scratch. A floating aluminum seat pan was then positioned high above the rear section to meet Julian's height specifications.

Supported by four metal rods, the saddle features ample padding and a blend of standard leather and suede upholstery. The bike's suspension received special attention, with a Hyperpro shock absorber installed at the rear and longer forks sourced from a KTM 990 Adventure fitted up front. By lowering the foot pegs by approximately eight centimeters (3.15 inches), Outsiders achieved the desired ergonomics.


Just as they did with the fuel tank, the team utilized cardboard mock-ups to sculpt the rest of the bodywork. It took three attempts to shape the final tail section, but surprisingly, the fuel tank cover came together perfectly on the first try. The fairing and fender combination positioned at the front also turned out flawlessly.

The bike's lighting system features vertically-stacked LED headlights and compact aftermarket blinkers placed slightly lower. In the cockpit, a digital Motogadget speedometer takes center stage, accompanied by a new handlebar from Neken. The original switchgear was retained, complemented by a pair of bar-end mirrors to complete the cockpit setup.


Regarding the powertrain, the team entrusted the 120-horsepower, 999cc V-twin engine to a local KTM dealership for a comprehensive service. Meanwhile, they crafted a custom stainless-steel exhaust system with a two-one-two configuration and twin Spark silencers. Pirelli MT 60 tires were chosen for the rims, while the outer bodywork received a striking dark gold finish. Black powder coating dominates other areas, while the gas tank was intentionally left unpainted for a contrasting touch.

The result is a one-off KTM 990 Super Duke that exudes style and craftsmanship. Outsiders Motorcycles, with their meticulous attention to detail and innovative modifications, have transformed the bike into a true standout in the custom bike world.

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