BMW Unveils the CBT-Friendly CE 02 Electric Naked for Urban Riding
BMW Unveils the CBT-Friendly CE 02 Electric Naked for Urban Riding
13 Jul Custom
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BMW has introduced the technologically advanced CE 02 electric naked bike, specifically designed for urban riding and accessible to riders with a CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) certificate from the age of 16. This electric marvel is set to hit dealerships in April 2024.

While the CE 02 appeals to environmentally conscious riders, its starting price of £7,450 might deter some budget-conscious youngsters. However, the CE 02's innovative features and capabilities make it a compelling choice.


Powering the CE 02 is an air-cooled lithium-ion battery, available in two variants: 3.92 kWh or 1.96 kWh. These options offer claimed power outputs of 5.4 bhp and 14.8 bhp, respectively. The 5.4 bhp version allows for a top speed of 28 mph, making it compliant with the legal requirements for 16-year-old riders.

Charging the CE 02 using a 0.9 kW charger from a standard wall socket will take approximately five hours and 12 minutes for the 11 kW version to reach a full charge from 0-100%.

With a claimed torque of 40.6 lb-ft and a manageable weight of 132 kg in its full power configuration, the CE 02 delivers a nimble and responsive riding experience. Its low seat height of 750 mm ensures accessibility for riders of various leg lengths.


The CE 02 features a tubular steel double-loop frame, complemented by 37 mm upside-down forks and a mono-shock rear suspension mounted on a cast aluminum single-sided swingarm. The bike is equipped with 14-inch rims, featuring a solidly filled design rather than traditional spoked wheels, inspired by the BMW CE 04.

Beyond its chassis, the CE 02 excels in technology and connectivity. The bike showcases a 3.5-inch TFT display that can be connected to a smartphone, providing vital information and facilitating seamless navigation through the various riding modes. Two standard modes, "Flow" and "Surf," offer different throttle responses and battery regeneration settings, while the premium Highline version adds a sporty "Flash" mode.


Additional features include a USB-C socket, keyless entry, ABS for the front wheel, traction control, and Recuperation Stability Control to prevent the back wheel from locking up during battery regeneration while decelerating.

The CE 02 also offers optional accessories such as an anti-theft alarm, LED headlights with integrated indicators for improved visibility, and a reverse gear for effortless maneuvering in tight parking spaces.


For those seeking an elevated experience, the Highline version of the CE 02 includes gold anodized forks, heated grips, and a 1.5 kW quick charger (for the 11 kW version only), reducing the 0-100% charging time to 3.5 hours. The Highline package also includes a smartphone holder with BMW Connected Ride Control.

To further customize the CE 02, customers can choose from a range of accessories, including luggage options, fairings, foot pegs, and more.


For additional details and information on the CE 02, visit bmw-motorrad.co.uk. The CE 02 is a promising addition to BMW's electric motorcycle lineup, catering to young riders and urban commuters seeking an environmentally friendly and technologically advanced riding experience.

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