Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 Special by Melk Motorcycles
Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 Special by Melk Motorcycles
14 Jul Custom
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The Pan America, known for its versatility, offers extensive customization options to cater to the touring and off-roading preferences of bikers. Despite garnering attention from custom garages worldwide since its introduction, there have been limited aftermarket-modified Pan Americas available for admiration.


However, we stumbled upon a unique Pan America at Melk, a French crew specializing in customization. This particular Pan America has been taken to the extreme, not only through the addition of custom parts but also by utilizing a limited color palette, resulting in a bike that stands out from the rest.


This two-wheeler is adorned with over 40 aftermarket components sourced from Harley itself and renowned garages that specialize in producing parts and accessories for Milwaukee machines. The customization journey begins with the wheels, where the original five double-spoke wheels of the Pan America 1250 Special are replaced with wire wheels sourced from Harley-Davidson. While we don't have specific dimensions, these wheels seamlessly blend into the overall design of the bike. To ensure a comfortable ride, the wheels are complemented by an adaptive air suspension system.


The frame remains unchanged, housing the motorcycle's stock engine, the Revolution Max 1250. However, the bike breathes differently with the installation of a new exhaust system from Europe's popular exhaust shop, Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde, and a high-performance air filter from Harley.

Atop the frame, the French crew has fitted a spacious seat capable of accommodating two individuals, with a top case providing backrest support for the passenger. On either side of the ride, large solid bags are mounted at an elevated position.


Numerous smaller components, such as mirrors and turn signals, have been carefully selected from esteemed names in the custom scene, including Kellermann and SW-Motech.

Upon completion of the extensive modifications, the Pan America is wrapped in a striking combination of gloss and matte black, complemented by bronze accents. Carbon highlights, found in various areas like the fairing, covers, and front fender, add a touch of sophistication to the bike's appearance.


This particular Pan America is the 36th creation in Melk's portfolio and can be replicated upon request for a price of $33,000. While this may seem expensive compared to the stock Pan America 1250 Special, priced at $20,399 by the American bike maker, its visual appeal is as enticing as a freshly baked French croissant.

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