The Ferocious Harley-Davidson Draker: Unleashing the Most Aggressive Sportster Yet
The Ferocious Harley-Davidson Draker: Unleashing the Most Aggressive Sportster Yet
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In 2021, Harley-Davidson introduced the Sportster S, a bike that redefined aggressiveness within their lineup. While it was expected to inspire countless custom garages worldwide, the number of customized new Sportsters has fallen short of expectations. However, amidst this scarcity, the Draker emerges as the most formidable representative of this new breed, earning its well-deserved 15 minutes of fame.


Crafted by Spanish custom garage Lord Drake, the Draker stands out as one of the first Sportster S motorcycles fitted with an imposing 240 mm wide rear tire mounted on a custom spoked rim. To put it into perspective, the stock version of this Harley boasts a 180 tire.


According to Lord Drake, only one other garage (the identity remains unclear) dared to equip a Sportster with such a wide wheel, but their approach involved a different type of rim. This makes the Draker the pioneer of its kind among Sportsters.

At the front end, custom details catch the eye, including the handlebar, the fender that protects the wheel, and the LED turn signals. A headlight mask further enhances the overall aesthetic.


Beneath the surface, modifications to the subframe allowed for the installation of a newly designed seat with meticulously crafted upholstery. Additionally, a hand-built license plate holder was added over the rear wheel.

The frame retains the Sportster's original engine, the powerful Revolution Max 1250T, which generates 121 hp and 94 ft-lb of torque. The stock exhaust system has been replaced with a custom alternative, and aftermarket front and rear discs provide enhanced braking performance.


Once all the mechanical work was completed, Lord Drake adorned the entire bike with a captivating combination of white, black, and orange paint, accentuated by intricate detailing, pinstriping, and 1250 graphics.

One notable advantage of the Harley-Davidson Draker is its road legality, at least in Spain. Moreover, Lord Drake is capable of creating similar masterpieces for those seeking a bike of this caliber.


However, it should be noted that the total cost of such a build is seldom disclosed by the garage. Transforming a Sportster into a machine like the Draker is undoubtedly a significant investment, despite the relatively affordable starting price of the two-wheeler from Harley, which stands at $16,399.

Now, enthusiasts eagerly await the participation of more garages in the Sportster customization trend, as this bike undeniably possesses immense potential for personalization.

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