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10 Unbelievably Bizarre Racing Incidents That Left Us Speechless
10 Unbelievably Bizarre Racing Incidents That Left Us Speechless
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Motor racing is filled with adrenaline, speed, and occasional chaos. No matter the level of competition, incidents are bound to happen, sometimes defying all logic and leaving us utterly bewildered. Here are 10 of the most curiously bizarre racing moments that had us exclaiming, "WTF... did that just happen?"

Defying the Laws of Physics - Mason Law at Brands Hatch [2017]


At Brands Hatch, motorcycles occasionally take flight over the Armco barriers and into the surrounding landscape. One incident involved Mason Law's GR Racing Kawasaki, which separated from its rider only to camouflage itself among the treetops. The elusive ZX-10RR Ninja took over 10 minutes to locate, proving that sometimes bikes truly do have wings.

On Me 'Ead, Son! - Andrea Iannone at Phillip Island MotoGP [2015]

During the 2015 Australian MotoGP, Andrea Iannone, known as 'The Maniac', collided with a seagull that had innocently perched on the racing line. Millions of viewers watched as the seagull took an ill-fated flight, unable to escape the path of 25 high-speed bikes. Though Iannone tried to avoid it, the seagull's wings couldn't keep it safe from becoming a first-lap casualty.

Cobra Hunter - Gino Borsoi at Malaysian 125GP [1998]

During a 125GP practice session in Malaysia, Gino Borsoi unknowingly struck a cobra with his knee slider as it slithered onto the apex of a bend. Borsoi continued to the pits, unaware of the close encounter. Thankfully, the cobra's surprise didn't result in a venomous bite, much to the relief of Borsoi and his team.

Flinging Finish - Joel Kelso at Portimao Moto3 [2023]

In the intense Moto3 races, anything can happen. After Daniel Holgado crossed the finish line for his maiden victory, a distracted Joel Kelso collided with him, unable to avoid the slowing KTM ahead. The impact sent both riders tumbling, with Kelso's crash forcing him to miss the next two events.

Quick Blowie - Miguel Oliveira at Phillip Island MotoGP [2019]

Phillip Island is not only known for its wildlife but also for unpredictable weather. In 2019, Miguel Oliveira experienced the full force of a sidewind during FP4. The powerful gust sent him off track, forcing him to bail off his RC16 at 186 mph. The incident led to the cancellation of the subsequent qualifying session due to safety concerns.

Sick Surface - Alex Marquez at Circuit of The Americas [2023]

Sometimes, MotoGP riders have to push through illness to compete. Alex Marquez found himself struggling with the twists and turns of the Circuit of The Americas while feeling unwell. Unfortunately, his discomfort led to a crash while running in a points-paying position, making his already queasy situation even worse.

Sunny Side Up, Down, and Up Again - Jonathan Rea at Misano WorldSBK [2019]

During the Misano Superpole Race in 2019, Jonathan Rea experienced a gravity-defying incident that left everyone scratching their heads. Rea's Kawasaki ZX-10RR flipped, rolled completely over, and then, astonishingly, he remounted to finish fifth. A seemingly slow-motion, yet mind-boggling flip that defied basic physics.

Surf's Down - Tetsuta Nagashima at Red Bull Ring, Moto2 [2018]

Rain and fast bikes rarely make for a harmonious combination. In a Moto2 session at the Red Bull Ring in Austria, Tetsuta Nagashima decided to switch careers abruptly, leaving his Moto2 bike behind to embrace the art of surfing. Riding the wave of wet conditions, Nagashima skillfully rode his bike across the waterlogged track.

Stoppie, Drop, and Roll - Pecco Bagnaia at Valencia MotoGP [2019]

During practice for the 2019 Valencia MotoGP, Pecco Bagnaia experienced an abrupt end to his season. His Ducati GP19 unexpectedly flipped him over the handlebars, leaving everyone wondering how this unusual incident occurred. Though Bagnaia escaped serious injury, it was an unusual and unexpected way to end his debut MotoGP season.

May I Have This Dance...?

Unidentified Incident In a truly surreal moment, two bikes collided, their throttles pinned open, sending them into a mesmerizing dance of spins and twirls. The riders desperately tried to separate their entangled machines, but the artistic chaos continued, leaving us in awe of the bizarre spectacle unfolding on the track.

Motor racing never fails to surprise us with its unpredictable and inexplicable incidents. From airborne motorcycles to unexpected encounters with wildlife, these moments showcase the extraordinary and sometimes absurd side of the sport.

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