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LiveWire Unveils Detailed Specs of the S2 Del Mar Electric Motorcycle
LiveWire Unveils Detailed Specs of the S2 Del Mar Electric Motorcycle
2 months ago First Look
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LiveWire has revealed the detailed specifications of its latest electric motorcycle model, the S2 Del Mar. As the second attempt from LiveWire, Harley-Davidson's electric motorcycle spinoff company, the S2 Del Mar aims to be a more successful offering than its predecessor, the Harley-Davidson LiveWire.

LiveWire S2 Del Mar electric bike sells out in minutes - bikesales.com.au

Previously known as the LiveWire ONE™, the LiveWire ONE is an aspirational electric motorcycle that initially retailed for $30,000 but has since been rebranded and priced at around $22,800. Unfortunately, sales of the LiveWire ONE have been lackluster. In hopes of turning things around, LiveWire has now introduced the S2 Del Mar with a more affordable price tag of $15,499.

Compared to the LiveWire ONE, the S2 Del Mar is noticeably different and more compact. LiveWire has now released the detailed specifications of the S2 Del Mar, removing any prior estimates. The company hopes that these specifications will generate customer interest and make the S2 Del Mar a sales success.

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Positioned as an urban ride, LiveWire's marketing for the S2 Del Mar showcases the motorcycle in city environments with younger riders. Some promotional videos even demonstrate the bike hopping curbs and maneuvering through sidewalks, aiming to capture the attention of LiveWire's target audience. While this style of riding may raise concerns, LiveWire believes it appeals to their aspirational riders.

The S2 Del Mar's website provides a comprehensive list of specifications, including dimensions, power system and charging details, range, performance metrics, chassis features, lighting and gauges, infotainment capabilities, and warranty information.

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With its appealing design and more affordable price point, the S2 Del Mar represents a significant offering from LiveWire. Only time will tell how it performs against its electric motorcycle competitors and whether it will contribute to the success and growth of the LiveWire brand.

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