A Suzuki GSX-8R: A Possible Arrival to Shake Things Up
A Suzuki GSX-8R: A Possible Arrival to Shake Things Up
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The landscape of middleweight sport bikes is changing, with most manufacturers moving towards twin-cylinder models. Suzuki, however, has yet to join this trend, but that might soon change. According to Young Machine, a reputable motorcycle publication in Japan, Suzuki is rumored to be developing a twin-cylinder sport bike, potentially named the GSX-8R. This speculation could explain Suzuki's lack of updates to their GSX-R600 and GSX-R750 models, which have remained largely unchanged for over a decade.


Young Machine also suggests that Suzuki might introduce a fully faired sport bike alongside the GSX-8R, possibly called the GSX-8F. This model would serve as a competitor to versatile supersports like the Kawasaki Ninja 650. Suzuki has previously used the GSX-F moniker for the GSX-650F, an inline-four sport bike known for its versatility. So, a new GSX-8F wouldn't be out of line with Suzuki's history.

What makes this rumor even more intriguing is Young Machine's claim of a sportier GSX-8R, which would be Suzuki's flagship sport bike. With the absence of the GSX-R1000, 600, and 750 in several markets, the GSX-8R would fill the void in Suzuki's sport bike lineup. The success of bikes like the Yamaha R7 and Aprilia RS 660 suggests a demand for aggressive twin-cylinder middleweights, making the idea of a Gixxer 800 all the more enticing.


According to reports, the GSX-8R would draw inspiration from Suzuki's GSX-8S, featuring the same 776cc parallel-twin engine. Although specific details are scarce, it's expected that the Gixxer 800 would offer more power, a different engine map, and a higher peak RPM than its naked sibling. The RS 660 boasts 100 horsepower, while the GSX-8S produces 83 horsepower, positioning the Gixxer 800 in between.

In terms of chassis and components, the GSX-8R is likely to share its platform with the naked GSX-8S. This means a steel trellis-type chassis, upside-down forks, a monoshock rear suspension, and 17-inch alloy wheels. It's anticipated that the suspension will be fully adjustable, and the brakes might be upgraded to Brembos for improved stopping power, compensating for the added weight of the full fairings.


While there is no official confirmation or sightings of the GSX-8R and GSX-8F, Young Machine has a solid track record with their speculations. If these models do materialize, the 2023 EICMA event could be the venue for their debut, as Suzuki unveiled its new 776cc platform at the same event last year. Until then, enthusiasts will have to wait and see if Suzuki is indeed preparing to surprise the market with the GSX-8R and GSX-8F.

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