The Birth of Sutton & Marsden: A V-Twin Café Racer Customized with Eye-Catching Precision
The Birth of Sutton & Marsden: A V-Twin Café Racer Customized with Eye-Catching Precision
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Imagine blending the power of an S&S Cycle V-twin with the timeless allure of a café racer. This captivating combination came to life when Andrew Marsden decided to embark on a remarkable bike-building journey over a decade ago. As the creators of Harley's revered 2,340cc heart, S&S Cycle's involvement guaranteed that this speed beast would be nothing short of extraordinary.


The idea first took root in 2008, shortly after Andy concluded 17 years of racing on short circuits and the famous Isle of Man. His vision was to construct a high-capacity V-twin motorcycle boasting nimble handling and the nostalgic appearance of an older Manx Norton race bike.


The challenge was set: how to craft a café racer that married agility and power? The answer lay in meticulously handcrafting a top-tier chassis. Andy based the bike's frame on the Manx Norton's featherbed unit, carefully configuring its rake and angle to align with the Ducati 916. Throughout the process, Andy taught himself the necessary skills, proving his dedication to bringing his vision to life.


The customizations didn't stop there. The bike featured a two-into-one system with a carbon muffler, a front-mounted oil tank, a Baker gearbox, and Belt Drives clutch and primary drive components. Upgraded K-Tech internals adorned the Ducati 916 forks, while a unique Nitron shock graced the rear. To ensure an exceptional ride, Marchesinis magnesium wheels were chosen, along with a 916 single-sided swingarm and repurposed Ducati front fender, adding a touch of racing heritage.


Collaborating with his skilled friend and engineering/fabrication specialist, Pete Sutton, was the key to elevating the bike to another level. Pete's expertise and artistry brought the Deus Ex Machina touch to the project, handling the steel fabrication with precision.


The result was awe-inspiring. Andy recalls their visit to the Isle of Man, where the newly finished S&S Cycle café racer instantly captivated onlookers, drawing crowds of admirers at every stop. People were eager to know if the bike was up for sale, but Andy's attachment to his creation made that out of the question. Instead, the overwhelming interest prompted a new venture.


Thus, Sutton & Marsden Café Racers was born. The duo set up a business dedicated to crafting a very limited run of these exceptional bikes, tailored to customers' specifications. The second machine, meant to exemplify the 'limited run' concept, bears subtle differences but retains the OG bike's high-quality components, including Koso clocks, Yamaha headlights, and small windshields for a bug-free ride.


With esteemed names like Accossato, Renthal, and Brembo added to the parts list, Sutton & Marsden Café Racers is now on a mission to create top-tier custom motorcycles for discerning riders. Their dedication and skill have resulted in an awe-inspiring achievement that promises an exceptional riding experience for those fortunate enough to own one of their masterpieces. Kudos to Andy, Pete, and the whole team for their awesome work!

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