Aprilia Caponord V4: A Powerful Crossover Adventure Awaits
Aprilia Caponord V4: A Powerful Crossover Adventure Awaits
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Aprilia's V4 engine has already proven its excellence in the Tuono, and now it could find a new home in a versatile adventure bike named Caponord V4. Offering the perfect blend of sportiness and off-road capabilities, this potential model could take the adventure bike market by storm.


Revolutionary Concept

The motorcycle world is divided between budget-friendly mid-range bikes and luxurious adventure models. Aprilia has already conquered the "budget-friendly" segment with its 660 series, and now it's time for the "luxury adventure" offering. With the V4-powered Tuono and RSV4 as a base, an Aprilia Caponord seems like a natural evolution.

Potent Tourer

Supersport engines in an off-road package are trending, and Aprilia has experience in this area. Back in 2001, they introduced the Caponord 1000, followed by the Caponord 1200 in 2012. The latter boasted a robust V2 engine with 128 PS. With the potential Caponord V4, a 170 PS version could join the ranks of large adventure bikes, showcasing its prowess to the world.


Design Speculation

Imagine a new chassis featuring a steel tube frame combined with aluminum elements, and a bolt-on steel rear frame. The bike could sport an elongated Gull-Wing-style aluminum swingarm for enhanced stability, along with a central rear shock instead of the off-center design used in the previous Caponord V2.


Enhanced Handling

With a slight weight increase in the front, the steering head angle could remain at about 65 degrees, while the offset of the fork bridges could grow from the current Tuono's 99.7 mm to the standard 115 to 120 mm found in adventure bikes. By sticking to tradition and drawing inspiration from the Tuono's aluminum frame, Aprilia can honor the Caponord's legacy while adding modern improvements.


Caponord V4 Variants

Aprilia could offer multiple versions of the Caponord V4, catering to different rider preferences. The "Strada" variant could feature 17-inch wheels with sporty tires (120/70 front and 190/55 rear), perfect for urban adventures. On the other hand, the "Rally" edition, similar to the V2 model from 2015, could come with a combination of 120/70 ZR 19 front and 170/60 ZR 17 rear tires, as well as a larger fuel tank for long-haul journeys.


The Strong Market for Powerful Engines

With the Ducati Multistrada V4 Pikes Peak and the BMW S 1000 XR already making waves, the potential Caponord V4 could be a strong contender in the market. With around 170 PS and 17-inch wheels, it would position itself slightly above the minimum power offered by BMW's 165 PS model. Additionally, in the realm of V4-enduros, where 170 PS currently marks the top end, the Caponord V4 would stand out as a powerful contender.


From Track to Off-Road

Aprilia's V4 legacy began on the road in 2009 with the RSV4. Throughout the years, the engine has undergone improvements, reaching its peak in 2021 with 1,099 cc and 217 PS in the RSV4. For the Caponord V4, Aprilia could adapt the Tuono V4's configuration, providing around 175 PS at 11,350 rpm and 121 Nm at 9,000 rpm, optimized for a crossover adventure and touring experience.

Increased Displacement for Improved Performance

Aprilia could consider increasing the V4's displacement to enhance low-end torque, similar to Ducati's approach with the Multistrada V4. By adding a millimeter more stroke or bore, the Aprilia V4 could reach 1,120 or 1,130 cc, depending on the current engine casing's capabilities. A larger displacement could also help reduce high revs, potentially leading to improved fuel efficiency - a crucial factor for touring motorcycles.


The potential Aprilia Caponord V4 presents an exciting prospect, combining sportiness and off-road prowess in a dynamic adventure package. Stay tuned for further updates and let your imagination run wild with this powerful V4 adventure motorcycle in mind.

Photo: Motorradonline

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