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Ilmberger Carbon Presents New Range of Carbonteile for BMW S 1000 RR Racing 2023
Ilmberger Carbon Presents New Range of Carbonteile for BMW S 1000 RR Racing 2023
2 months ago First Look
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Ilmberger Carbon has unveiled an exciting new range of Carbonteile (carbon parts) for the BMW S 1000 RR Racing model starting from the year 2023. Motorcycle enthusiasts got a sneak peek at these new additions during the BMW Motorrad Days in Berlin.


What's New for 2023?

A significant change from the previous model is that the S 1000 RR Racing now comes with its own dedicated wings. In the past, riders had the option to retrofit Ilmberger Winglets to the S model using a special kit. However, this required compatible Ilmberger side fairings or drilling with the provided template. Now, with built-in mounting points, replacing the winglets becomes a breeze, resulting in a visually appealing transformation and a noticeable reduction in weight.



Revamped Side Fairings

The side fairings have undergone a complete redesign. The left panel now features an integrated lip that seamlessly connects with the right fairing, creating a unified appearance. This innovative design allows the entire front section to be easily removed using quick-release fasteners, saving precious time on the racetrack. Additionally, the improved ventilation inlets and outlets ensure better cooling for the engine, while facilitating smooth airflow from the radiator. An added advantage is that the carbon fairings also provide extra coverage for the frame, offering enhanced protection in case of a fall.




Versatile Wheel Cover

Ilmberger's Carbon Wheel Cover is also available for the S 1000 RR Racing. These covers contribute positively to aerodynamics, and thanks to specially designed brackets, they are compatible with all previous M models as well as S models from 2019 onwards, making installation quick and hassle-free. The integrated air channels in the front fender help reduce brake overheating by constantly supplying air. The lateral extension not only improves aerodynamic performance but also shields the delicate fork tubes.



Motorspoiler with Rain Protection

The Motorspoiler features a closed bottom to effectively catch any potential spills while also having an opening that can be utilized during rainy weather. The Carbon Verkleidungsunterteil (lower fairing part) not only reduces weight but also provides exceptional protection for underlying components.



Innovative GPS Integration

The highlight of the new tail section is the ability to seamlessly integrate the GPS sensor, providing protection for the GPS module and optimizing aerodynamics for the tail hump.

For more information on these exciting Ilmberger Carbon Carbonteile, please visit their website. Explore the possibilities of enhancing your BMW S 1000 RR Racing with these top-notch carbon parts for improved performance and aesthetics.

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