Harley-Davidson Black Orange: A Striking Custom V-Rod Muscle Bike by Gaz Custom
Harley-Davidson Black Orange: A Striking Custom V-Rod Muscle Bike by Gaz Custom
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Just like many motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide, some Russians have developed a fascination for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Local shops like Box39 and Gaz Custom have gained recognition, both domestically and internationally, for their impressive modifications of American two-wheelers.


Today, we shift our focus to Gaz Custom and their exceptional creation called "Black Orange." As the name suggests, this build showcases a captivating interplay between two colors on the body of a V-Rod muscle bike.
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The customization of the V-Rod follows the typical transformation process. The bike features new wheels, slightly larger in diameter (exact size unspecified), and wider in width - 300 mm at the rear and 140 mm at the front. At the front end, a sharp and aggressive radiator shroud replaces the factory fairing, enhancing the bike's overall aesthetics.


Moving towards the back, the fuel tank is adorned with new and bulkier overalls, giving it a more massive and imposing appearance. The rear of the bike boasts a custom seat, perfectly integrated with a modified rear fender that complements the small mudguard at the front.

When viewed from the right side, the stock engine remains untouched in its mechanical perfection, as Gaz Custom, like most customizers, prefers not to tinker with it. However, there are notable changes to the engine's exhaust system, now featuring a blunt and stubby single pipe in place of the original longer double exhaust.


The real highlight of the right-side view is the eye-catching swingarm that holds the rear wheel in place. Its thick arm proudly displays large patches of orange, beautifully matching the color accents on the wheels, radiator cover, headlight, and covers.

Among Gaz Custom's older builds, the Harley-Davidson Black Orange stands out as our favorite in their relatively limited portfolio of modified Harley bikes (currently consisting of just five). While the shop doesn't disclose the exact cost of the customization, it's evident that creating this stunning motorcycle was a substantial investment.


The Black Orange is likely still cruising Russian roads, captivating onlookers with its distinctive presence. As it roams the streets, it leaves a lasting impression, slowly etching its mark into the memories of those who admire it.

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