Sportster S "Draker": A Remarkable Custom Build by Lord Drake Kustoms
Sportster S "Draker": A Remarkable Custom Build by Lord Drake Kustoms
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Lord Drake Kustoms, known for their impressive custom motorcycles, has once again caught our attention with their latest masterpiece - the Sportster S build affectionately named "Draker." This transformation takes the muscular cruiser Sportster S and turns it into a race-inspired beauty that truly stands out from the crowd. While Lord Drake Kustoms is based in Spain, they also have a physical presence in Miami, showcasing their global appeal.


An Unconventional Request

The idea for "Draker" began with an unconventional request from the owner - they wanted Lord Drake Kustoms to fit a 240-series wheel and a fat tire on the rear of the bike. This seemingly straightforward request presented a challenge, as no one had done it before. However, the skilled team at Lord Drake Kustoms was more than happy to take on the challenge and create something extraordinary.


Impressive Modifications

The custom build goes beyond just fitting a fat tire. The entire bike was overhauled to complement the bold rear wheel. Up front, sportier handlebars were added, along with a modified front mudguard and new turn signal indicators. To protect the headlight from debris, a small mask was incorporated as well.


Attention to Detail

Every detail of "Draker" was meticulously crafted. The bike features a custom seat with diamond stitching and a lower piece proudly displaying the LDK acronym. The two-in-one exhaust system adds a touch of contrast, finished in sleek black.


Eye-Catching Aesthetics

The standout feature of the build lies in its striking combination of paintwork. The captivating Harley Orange paint is combined with pearl white, black, and magnesium brown detailing and pinstriping. The wheels were also carefully painted to match, with brown spokes and orange rims adorned with black 1250 graphics on the rear rim.


A Truly Unique Masterpiece

The result of Lord Drake Kustoms' craftsmanship is a one-of-a-kind Sportster S that exudes sport bike flair while retaining its distinctive cruiser charm. "Draker" is a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of the team, taking a simple request and transforming it into a remarkable custom build that is unlikely to be replicated anywhere else.

In conclusion, Lord Drake Kustoms once again impresses motorcycle enthusiasts with their exceptional design and engineering skills, creating "Draker," a custom Sportster S that sets a new standard in custom motorcycle craftsmanship.

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