Blue40Two: A Remarkably Unique Custom Harley-Davidson Road Glide
Blue40Two: A Remarkably Unique Custom Harley-Davidson Road Glide
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When it comes to custom motorcycles, builders never cease to amaze us with fresh and innovative creations. Even after seeing numerous custom bikes, the Blue40Two, a custom Harley-Davidson Road Glide from Kodlin Motorcycles, stands out as one of the most extraordinary and unique builds we've encountered.


Sleek Custom Design

The Blue40Two boasts a big wheel style that may evoke mixed opinions from enthusiasts, but its design is undeniably clean and futuristic. Unlike flashy graphics or neon lighting, this custom Road Glide showcases smooth lines and loads of custom bodywork, including a stretched tank, spoiler, and an entirely reimagined front end - all elegantly coated in a cool shade of Blue Satin.


Stunning Features

What truly makes this bike stand out is its massive 30-inch front wheel, a feature that instantly grabs attention. The modifications don't stop there; the Blue40Two also boasts an upside-down fork and an upgraded braking system from Performance Machine. To top it off, a powerful stereo system is installed, ensuring that this bike is not only a head-turner but an auditory delight as well.


Enhanced Performance

Kodlin didn't just focus on the aesthetics; they also addressed the stock 110 cubic-inch powerplant, tuning it to unleash more power, coupled with a new exhaust. The entire powerplant, including the pipes, is finished in sleek black, creating a striking contrast against the satin blue paint.


A Unique Gem on the Road

With these exceptional modifications, the Blue40Two becomes a visually captivating machine that sets itself apart from any other bike on the road. In the realm of custom Harleys, this bike receives one of the highest compliments one can give - it stands out as a truly unique gem.

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