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Alpinestars Unveils Supertech R10: The First Full-Face Road Helmet
Alpinestars Unveils Supertech R10: The First Full-Face Road Helmet
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Alpinestars, the renowned protective gear manufacturer, is breaking new ground with its latest creation – the Supertech R10, the company's first-ever full-face road helmet designed for both road and racetrack use.

After 60 years in the industry, the Italian firm decided it was the perfect time to make a bold statement with this high-specification helmet, incorporating top-notch features for ultimate protection, aerodynamics, ventilation, vision, and comfort.


Alpinestars has long been synonymous with safety and reliability, and the Supertech R10 lives up to this reputation. The helmet is homologated to meet the new ECE 22.06, DOT, and FIM standards, with a strong carbon fiber construction. The development of this helmet spanned over five years, with the expertise of MotoGP racer Andrea Dovizioso playing a vital role in its creation. The team started almost from scratch, drawing inspiration from their acclaimed motocross lids and blending it with cutting-edge technology.

The Supertech R10 features a robust composite structure with four layers, including a carbon outer layer, carbon composite layer, aramid fiber layer, and fiberglass layer. Inside, there's an innovative eight-part EPS liner designed to reduce rotational acceleration during impacts. Additionally, the helmet boasts cheek pads with an emergency release system and a double-D ring secured helmet strap.


To ensure top-notch aerodynamics, the helmet underwent rigorous simulations and wind tunnel sessions to achieve its teardrop shape. Moreover, Alpinestars provides two interchangeable rear spoilers for different riding styles, with the short one designed for road use and the longer one for track days, reducing drag by up to 4.45%.

While the helmet's release is limited to 200 exclusive models in the coming year, the full production version will be available later. Pricing details are yet to be announced, but considering the advanced technology and meticulous craftsmanship involved, the Supertech R10 is likely to come with a premium price tag.

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